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Bringing Thai Food with a Twist, Greyhound Cafe Opens Up New Outlet in Menteng

Bringing Thai Food with a Twist, Greyhound Cafe Opens Up New Outlet in Menteng

FoodieS Team
05 May 2022


A new place to eat and hang out in an instagramable tropical garden style next to the Sarinah Building with a refreshing outdoor area.


After the success of its outlets in Grand Indonesia and Gunawarman, Greyhound Cafe opened its third outlet in the Menteng area, precisely at Jalan Sunda no 5, Thamrin – next to the Sarinah Building. Greyhound Cafe Menteng is a place to eat Thai Food with a Twist and a new hangout/gathering place with an instagramable tropical garden nuance with an outdoor area.

Greyhound Cafe Menteng is housed in a stand-alone building with a modern black grid facade typical of Greyhound Cafe. The entire ambient of this new outlet carries the concept of “urban meets nature” with a modern touch of Greyhound Cafe. From the outside, you can see the cafe’s balcony, where visitors can have a relaxing coffee while looking at the outside view. Upon entering the outlet, visitors will be greeted with a pastry bar featuring a variety of tempting desserts, ranging from Fresh Coconut Crepe Cake, Walnut Choco Cake, Banoffee, Pandan Creme Brulee with Lime Granita, and various other Greyhound Cafe desserts. Visitors can immediately browse and choose their favorite dessert to eat on the spot or to take home.

After being greeted with various interesting desserts in the lobby area, visitors will enter the main dining area, which is large and beautiful with multiple plants. The large glass leading to the balcony on the side of the room allows sunlight from outside to enter the room, so the space feels fresh. A large bar in the center of the room, where visitors can watch the baristas and bartenders make drinks. Suppose you want to browse the drink collections at Greyhound Cafe. In that case, visitors can visit the wine cellar, and the Greyhound Cafe staff are ready to recommend various groups of wines and spirits according to visitors’ preferences.

Greyhound Cafe Menteng also has an outdoor area with a green nuance where visitors can sit sipping coffee and smoke a relaxing cigarette while chatting and enjoying the open atmosphere. Don’t forget to order your favorite snacks and desserts to accompany your relaxing afternoon at Greyhound Cafe.

The Greyhound Café Menteng menu concept is no different from the Greyhound Café Gunawarman and Grand Indonesia, namely Thai Food with a Twist. Greyhound Café serves a Thai menu with a western touch or a western menu that is twisted with a Thai touch, ranging from soup, salad, snack, main course to dessert.

“We provide a variety of unique dishes that visitors can enjoy. It tastes great, but we also present a unique dining experience at Greyhound Cafe. Like Waterfall Sirloin on Hot Plate, Sirloin steak is served on a hot plate and delivered to the visitor’s table in a sizzling state with a delicious aroma. Visitors can determine the level of doneness of the steak according to their taste and enjoy it with Thai sauce from Greyhound Cafe. Or another example is Surprise Pineapple Fried Rice, where visitors have to shake the pineapple to remove the fried rice inside. The fried rice is also unique because it is combined with peanuts, shredded raisins, quinoa and served with BBQ seafood satay and refreshing Jaew Sauce”, explained Unggul Yudaningrat, Brand Manager of Greyhound Cafe.

In addition to the two menus above, visitors can also enjoy a variety of Greyhound Cafe’s favorite menus such as Grilled Jumbo Prawn, Sizzling Giant Squid, Southern Thai Yellow Curry Salmon, Muay Thai Grilled Chicken, Crab Meat Fried Rice with a Twist, Tom Yam Hot Pot, and others. . Greyhound Café Menteng does not provide a pork menu (no pork no lard).

In addition to the Thai Food with a Twist menu, Greyhound Café Menteng also provides a wide selection of coffee using 100% Arabica coffee beans, suitable for black coffee or blended with milk, and accompanied by a series of favorite snack menus such as Fried Seafood Spring Roll, Greyhound Famous Fried Chicken Wings, Don Mueang Crispy & Spicy Chicken Skin, Salmon Carpaccio in Spicy Hot Sauce, Churros with Dipping Sauce, and others; making Greyhound Café Menteng a suitable place to gather with friends/colleagues and enjoy the coffee time.

For visitors who want to be more relaxed in the afternoon and evening, Greyhound Café provides a wide selection of Cocktails, both Classic Cocktails and Cocktails twisted with Greyhound Style. Visitors can enjoy live music (starting May 2022) while sipping Greyhound Cafe’s favorite cocktails such as Open Sesame, Adios Nonino, Peach on Earth, Gilding the Lily, Thai Smokey, Watermelon Spritz Cocktail, or TorchLight Soju Cocktail. For visitors who come in groups, they can order various variants of Cocktail by Pitcher. In addition, Greyhound Café also has a collection of Wine (new world or old world) and Spirits specially curated for Greyhound Cafe visitors. The wines and spirits can be enjoyed on the spot or taken home.

Greyhound Cafe Menteng is also equipped with adequate event facilities such as a mic, sound system, and projector screen. This facility makes it easier for visitors to hold events at Greyhound Cafe, such as birthdays, social gatherings, bridal showers, meetings, office gatherings, or other corporate events. Its strategic location, variants of food and beverage menus, indoor and outdoor ambient, satisfying service, and complete event facilities make Greyhound Cafe Menteng a place to eat, drink, gather, and event worth a visit.

Greyhound Café

Jl. Sunda No.5, RT.8/RW.4, Gondangdia, Menteng, Jakarta.

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