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The Launched of Elle & Vire® Select Butter Sheet in Indonesia

The Launched of Elle & Vire® Select Butter Sheet in Indonesia

Auli Cinantya
06 November 2023


Savencia Fromage & Dairy has officially launched Elle & Vire® Select Butter Sheet, an ideal ingredient for perfecting croissants and various viennoiseries.


The current boom of cafes and modern bakeries in Indonesia is nothing short of extraordinary. Unsurprisingly, an abundance of Viennoiserie products, like Croissants and puff pastries, are becoming the go-to desserts for many. But what distinguishes an outstanding pastry or Viennoiserie? The answer is straightforward—butter.

In baking, one of the most crucial ingredients is butter. It might not be the first thing that crosses your mind when contemplating leavening, but butter is vital in enhancing baked goods’ texture, aroma, and flavor. Its impact on baking extends beyond mere deliciousness.

Aside from imparting delightful taste, butter is responsible for providing richness, tenderness, and structure to an array of baked delights, including cookies, cakes, pies, and pastries. The interplay with butter in a recipe becomes a nuanced dance, influenced by altering its temperature and determining the optimal moment for its integration with other ingredients.

According to Kevin Zwygart, La Maison de l’Excellence Savencia Pastry Chef, the success of croissants and other pastries hinges on the choice of butter. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining butter temperature when crafting pastry dough. With its lower melting point, regular butter poses challenges in preserving the pastry dough texture at room temperature, especially in a tropical country where the weather can be too humid or hot.

Elle & Vire® Professionnel, the milk brand from Savencia Fromage & Dairy, a family-based and independent international food company among the leading milk processors in the world, is launching its new product, Elle & Vire® Professionnel Select Butter Sheet, to address the challenges faced by pastry entrepreneurs, professional pastry chefs, and bakers in Indonesia. Elle & Vire® Professionnel Select Butter Sheet contains 84% fat content and is made with premium milk, ideal for creating croissants, puff pastries, Danish pastries, and various viennoiseries & feuilletages.

Nessy Meghayani, the Country Manager of Savencia Indonesia, elucidates that the two-kilogram Select Butter Sheet is meticulously crafted for laminating purposes, especially when employing a dough sheeter to create croissants.

Easy and convenient handling

Elle & Vire® Professionnel Select Butter Sheet has a consistent aroma of fresh butter and excellent flexibility and texture. This makes it easier for chefs and professional pastry makers to work with the dough in any condition.

“Select Butter Sheet offers greater flexibility, standing strong in a room temperature of 30-31 degrees, aiding in the proper formation of each croissant layer during the dough folding process,” remarks Kevin.

Consistent results for a variety of Viennoiseries creations

By using Elle & Vire® Professionnel Select Butter Sheet, chefs and professional pastry makers can create various innovative and versatile viennoiseries products, from croissants and puff pastries to galette de rois. The viennoiseries will have a well-expanded, beautiful, and consistent appearance with a crispy top layer when bitten into.

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