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KFC Is Bringing Back Their Iconic Classic Menu To More Branch

KFC Is Bringing Back Their Iconic Classic Menu To More Branch

FoodieS Team
20 April 2022


KFC brings their highly sought Classic Menu to more stores throughout Central Java, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi, and an additional new menu, the Rosemary Butter Grilled Chicken.


To fulfill the wishes of its loyal consumers, KFC Indonesia made a breakthrough by presenting a new menu at several selected KFC restaurants.

Rosemary Butter Grilled Chicken is the newest menu owned by KFC Indonesia. Issued on April 15, the menu adds another variation of the chicken menu that KFC usually serves so far.

Rosemary Butter Grilled Chicken is a piece of fresh chicken grilled with a special mix of herbs and spices. Using roasting for their cooking method, the Rosemary Butter Grilled Chicken offers a crunchy outer skin texture and soft meat part coupled with the savory taste of butter, a little spicy, and the aroma of Italian spices.

The Rosemary Butter Grilled Chicken will give consumers a different experience of enjoying the KFC chicken menu. Meanwhile, customers can enjoy Rosemary Butter Grilled Chicken at three KFC restaurants in Greater Jakarta; KFC MT Haryono, KFC Cempaka Putih, and KFC Kemang Raya.

“KFC Indonesia is trying to innovate and present different variations. Rosemary Butter Grilled Chicken is one of KFC’s special innovations because the processing is different from what you normally find at KFC, which is baked, not fried. The unique texture and the special taste and aroma make this new menu is a not to be missed,” said Eric Leong, CEO of PT Fast Food Indonesia, Tbk.

In addition to the new menu, KFC has also expanded its mainstay menu, namely the Classic Menu. At the beginning of the launch in 2021, the Classic Menu can only be found in 3 places, namely KFC Taman Melawai, KFC Emerald Bintaro, and KFC Riau, Bandung. On April 1, 2022, customers can find the Classic menu at 13 KFC stores in Greater Jakarta. Starting April 18, customers can enjoy the Classic Menu at 7 KFC restaurants outside Jabodetabek; Central Java, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi.

Classic Menu consists of one piece of original chicken, bread, corn on the cob, coleslaw, and mashed potato or mashed potatoes with a special gravy sauce. This menu is a menu that was offered when KFC was present in Indonesia in 1979. When it was re-presented a year ago, this menu turned out to be an encouraging response from KFC lovers. There is even a request to expand the existence of the special menu.

“The presence of the Classic Menu in more locations in Indonesia is a request from consumers and KFC lovers, and we try to fulfill their wishes. However, one of our goals is to provide the best for consumers,” said Eric Leong.


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