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New Expression of House of Brooklyn

New Expression of House of Brooklyn

Vania Ramadina
09 October 2023


House of Brooklyn comes back to the culinary scene with its new fusion concept, turning the used-to-be cakery into a full-on dining place worth experiencing.


A fusion of cuisine is something unique to our palate. It gives you plenty of choices to pick from or even narrow the food down to your liking. Personally, I like specific food, but at House of Brooklyn, we won’t have to pick a favorite because it’s a place to indulge in a variety of cuisine.

House of Brooklyn, or simply HoB, is part of Pancious Group, which also owns the Pancious restaurant. From classic Western to Indonesian, House of Brooklyn proposes its array of cuisine for everyone, making it an ideal place for your brunch up until dinner. The result? It wasn’t disappointing. After having to rebrand partially, House of Brooklyn now sparks some of its charm through its delectable foods.

Located at Pacific Place in SCBD, the restaurant started as Brooklyn American Cakery in 2020. While the current restaurant has a lot of food selections, Brooklyn American Cakery did focus on cakes and sweets. Like many businesses, it wasn’t a smooth journey that it had to shut down due to the pandemic. But, as the phrase goes, “change for the better,” the cakery then changed all its concepts and rebranded the name as House of Brooklyn.

The Delectables

Knowing that House of Brooklyn used to be a cakery before, I expected the menu highlight would still focus on desserts. But, the place appeared to serve more than those. It’s a full-on dining place with appetizers, main courses, selections of beverages, and even a kids’ menu. One House of Brooklyn representative said the dining place is now 80% main course and about 20% desserts.

Pancious group’s sous chef, Garibaldi, who also co-directs House of Brooklyn, said that many things inspire the menu. The restaurant is the place where he expresses his dishes more freely. One is how he puts his Padang roots into the menu, which he couldn’t do at Pancious. The dense yet flavor-rich Padang cuisine translates that to appetizers like Holland’s Favorite Bitter Ballen and Chicken Pesto Panini.

Sustaining its fusion concept, House of Brooklyn conveys that through Smoked Sous Vide Chicken Roulade, a bunch of chicken breast rolls with sweet potato, green beans, and chicken jus. The Creamy & Cheesy Lasagna, complete with mozzarella cheese, is a classic Western dish, which House of Brooklyn highlights as the best seller section. Both dishes are new additions to the refurbished House of Brooklyn.

While the food seems to be the face of what House of Brooklyn brings to the table, the beverage also shines the restaurant’s identity. The restaurant devised Mango Mojito, a premium mojito with mango jam, pineapple jam, lemon syrup, and soda. Prefer the sweet over the fresh taste to quench your thirst? Give Galaxy Taro Milk a try. The drink is taro with doger syrup and milk, transporting you back to the taste of traditional Indonesian drinks.

The desserts are still a section you don’t want to miss, like the Hazelnut Ferrero Slice. Filled with balls of Ferrero rocher, the sliced cake has rich springs of hazelnut on top of layers of chocolate sponge. The three-layered cake also has a special frosting of Nutella, chocolate ganache, and chocolate pearl. Not only will it satisfy the chocoholic, but also the ones who crave desserts.

House of Brooklyn aims to bring a collection of fusion cuisine to everyone, from what they call urban families to young executives.

House of Brooklyn

Pacific Place Mall, Jl. Jend. Sudirman No. 52-52, Senayan, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan

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