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Guide to: Eating Your Way Through Glodok

Guide to: Eating Your Way Through Glodok

Auli Cinantya
07 February 2023


From breakfast to dinner, explore the unique culinary offerings in Glodok Chinatown, from classic eateries and hidden cafes, halal and non-halal street stalls and many more!


The streets of Glodok Chinatown are renowned for their unique and delicious culinary offerings, from Chinese Peranakan cuisine to other delectable dishes guaranteed to make your trip to Glodok an unforgettable experience. From classic eateries to hidden cafes full of sweet treats, this area of Jakarta will satisfy your culinary cravings. Popular destinations like Gang Gloria, Petak 9, and Petak 6 serve various halal and non-halal dishes. At the same time, smaller restaurants and street stalls offer unique dishes you can’t find anywhere else.

Experience the unique culinary culture of Pancoran Glodok, an old school district surrounded by thick Chinese culture. Here you will find a variety of delicious and unique dining spots that will make you feel right at home and leave you wanting to explore even more! From traditional dishes to modern creations, there’s something to please every palate. So make the trip, and be sure to try a few of the local favorites!

Where to Go:

Gang Gloria

Gang Gloria is a 4-meter-wide alley between the Pancoran Chinatown Point shopping center and the shophouse complex in the Pancoran-Glodok Chinatown area. It is a culinary paradise for Jakartans, with at least 38 street vendors selling a variety of Peranakan dishes, such as pork dumplings, mixed rice, fruits, noodles, and other specialties. Additionally, the area has been known for its Chinese cuisine for centuries, including Hainanese chicken rice, Bulus soup (pi oh), Beef Kwetiau, roast pork, and Sek Ba. Consequently, the popularity of Gang Gloria has been growing since the early 20th century and remains a favorite spot to this day.

Petak 9

Petak Sembilan is a renowned Chinatown in Jakarta steeped in Chinese culture and heritage. This area is known for its nine-row houses, from which it gets its name. It is located in Gang Pancoran, Glodok, West Jakarta, a short stroll away from Glodok Market. Petak Sembilan is renowned for its captivating atmosphere and historical value, making it the perfect destination for travelers exploring the area.

Where to Eat:

Bakmi A'an

For those familiar with Bakmi Ahong, located in Blandongan, Bakmi A’an is the perfect place to satisfy your nostalgia! Established by Ahong’s son, A’an, Bakmi A’an first opened in May 2016. Offering a selection of noodles, including Kwetiau, Bihun, Bakmi kecil, Bakmi Besar, Ayam Rebus (Pek Cam Kee), and Nasi Tim. Their noodles have the perfect chewy texture, and the broth is made from fresh Ayam Kampung, giving it a full, flavorful taste. Choose between chicken or pork toppings to complete your meal.

Bakmi Amoy

Founded in 1981, Bakmi Amoy at Alley Gloria is a classic Chinese restaurant serving the same legendary noodle recipe for decades. Initially known as Warung Amoy, this tavern quickly gained popularity for its delicious dishes.

Bakmi Amoy has a short menu list, yet its limited selection of classic dishes will surely satisfy your taste buds. For starters, try their Nasi Campur and Nasi Tim. But the star of the show is the curly noodles with three toppings – chicken, soy sauce, minced pork, and Char Siu. The noodles use a classic Chinese recipe that has been perfected over the years since the early 1980s, so you can be sure that you’ll get the same delicious flavors that have kept the restaurant famous for decades.

Bakmi Sasak

Nestled in the heart of Petak Sembilan Market, Bakmi Sasak is one of the hidden gems you can find. Founded by Hartono Tjandra, the third generation to continue the family business, Bakmi Sasak has served the area with appetizing noodle dishes for the past 15 years.

When you walk into Bakmi Sasak, you’ll first notice the mouthwatering aroma of their famous Bakmi Ayam. We highly recommend the Nasi Tim Ayam for those looking for something different. This flavorful dish includes generous chicken portions, fresh cilantro, and a clear broth. The chicken is marinated in a unique blend of spices; it’s a true delight!

Ci Cong Fan

Chee Cheong Fun or Ci Cong Fan is a delicious savory snack from Guangdong, China. In Indonesia, this snack is a classic Medan snack, typically served with a soy sauce, spicy sweet and sour sauce, fried uyen (ball-shaped shaved taro), Chai Thau Kwe (box-shaped fried radish), dumplings, or spring rolls. You can easily find these delectable snacks being sold in an aluminum box sitting on top of bicycles. Moreover, they are made using Halal ingredients, making them suitable for everyone to enjoy.

Kopi Es Tak Kie

Es Tak Kie Coffee Shop is the perfect spot for local and foreign coffee lovers to satisfy their cravings for a delicious cup of classic coffee. Located in the Glodok area of West Jakarta, this iconic shop was founded by Liong Kwie Tjong, an immigrant from China, as a small cart in the traditional market. The shop’s name ‘Tak Kie’ is taken from the Hokkien language, with ‘Tak’ meaning wise and simple and ‘Kie’ meaning easy to remember. 

Today, the shop is managed by Liong Tjoen, Ayauw, the third generation of the family business, who has kept the original spirit alive by combining different coffees to create unique and exciting blends for his customers. Besides selling coffee and tea, Kopi Es Tak Kie also sells Bakmi, Nasi Campur, and Nasi Tim. This shop is only open from 7 am to 2 pm. Apart from coffee, you can enjoy various culinary delights sold around the shop.

Kuotie Akin

Kuotie is a unique culinary dish traditionally served during the Chinese New Year. Found in the bustling Gang Kalimati district, this savory dim sum or dumpling is filled with flavor-packed pork and is a must-try. Despite its relatively simple, cramped stall, Kuotie Akin has earned its fame through its delicious taste and hearty portion size – a great way to complete your culinary exploration.

LIT Bakehouse

Lit Bakehouse is an Artisan Community Bakery located in the narrow alley of Glodok market. Founded by Pastry Chef & Owner Lalita Setiandi, it’s renowned for its limited-quantity, high-quality pastries. Enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Glodok market while indulging in the sweet treats from LIT Bakehouse. With a passion for creating artisanal bakery products, Lalita strives to delight your taste buds.

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