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W / T / ME’s Magical Touch

W / T / ME’s Magical Touch

Nisya Kunto
13 September 2021


W / T / ME introduces innovative flavor shortcuts made from restaurant grade fermented pantry essentials, that promotes zero-waste practice.


W / T / ME (With Time) started as a passion project, founded by a team of five culinary connoisseurs: Alyandra Katya, Dani Pringgo, Eric Limadjaja, Krishkha, and Nicoll Soedarko. Putting forward time as their main ingredient, With Time tells a story of how time ties all their products together, and helps create rich and more pronounced flavors with numerous layers in each product. 

Hi everyone! Before we start, can you please introduce yourselves along with your background?

Hi there, FoodieS! In our team we have Dani, Head Baker and Recipe Developer at BNB Terogong, she is also active along with the culinary collective, The Laughing Table. Eric started his culinary journey with Locavore and Localab. Within these years, he got endless exposure to the art-of-fermentation. Eric is currently based in Surabaya to grow his own brand, Room Bageri. Katya is the designer and art director of Lazy Susan. She works full-time as a designer with experiences intersecting with the Indonesian F&B scene. Kriskha graduated from the Culinary Institute of America, and has worked in Locavore. His appreciation in providing good dining experiences is well expressed through Thursday Dinners Club, he’s also one of the partners and head chef of suasanakopi. Nicoll started her professional life by accident when she started brewing her own mead and decided to distribute craft-beer in Indonesia with the Beervana family. Nicoll’s experience the craft-beer culture with Rogue Brewery in Portland, Oregon.

What was the original idea of W / T / ME? Whose idea was it initially, and how it took to go from there to where you are now as a brand.

During his time at Localab in 2017, Eric saw the potential of these magical fermented products. It blew his mind, how time can evolve the day-to-day ingredients, and transform the flavor complexity to another level. Since then, it’s been his dream to share the restaurant-quality products to the general public who love and appreciate food!

This passion-project initiation & team building really started in January 2021; during quarantine time. Eric told Nicoll and Kriskha “Let’s do it”, and the awesome snowball effect connected us to Dani and Katya! We’re really lucky that it only took us a quick 2 months to get this solid crew onboarded.

How have W / T / ME grown as a brand since it was first incubated, versus now when it’s been gaining customers?

At first we wanted to make products that could help our friends in the kitchen. Limitations such as time, space, logistics, manpower, amongst others persist in most kitchens for them to make their own ferments. Simultaneously, it is difficult to source fermented products that are restaurant grade. We wanted to be that bridge by creating restaurant-grade custom fermented products for restaurants, according to their needs.

As we welcome more insights and product ideas, we realized that personal-kitchens want these too! These items are way too exciting to be kept as restaurant-secret. We decided to be more inclusive and involved in the community by having W/ T/ ME available to the general public.

Can you share with us some of your personal favorite products, some of Crafted With Time’s must-tries?

Everything, of course! We recommend getting our Flavor Pocket, a sampler set of all of our products. You can try them, as an introduction to all of our pantry essentials, and decide which ones you love the most! 

Each of us has our favorite amongst all products. Dani’s favorite is our Shroom ‘Shoyu’ and Magic Powder, Eric’s is 10 Days Hot Sauce, Katya’s is Not Just For Salad, Kriskha’s is White Time Miso Butter, and Nicoll’s is White Time Miso.

For the team, what’s the most rewarding part of developing W / T / ME?

Dani: When I realized just how versatile our products are, paired with any food–even with something as simple as Mie Ayam.

Eric: Finding the right recipe for each product and receiving great critical feedback from our customers.

Katya: Seeing people loving the products as much as we do, constantly learning with the team, and connecting with new people in and outside the industry.

Kriskha: Seeing our products be a media for creation–how our creation, then can be recreated by other people.

Nicoll: The highly exciting process with the internal team, who we recently met, and keep learning with them. Also, the unexpected warm welcome from the best people in the industry!

Can you share with us what’s in store for W / T / ME in the immediate future?

We are currently planning for fun & exciting collaborations and activities, especially when Jakarta’s fully out of lockdown and we can interact with people in real life! At this moment, we are developing a special product using spent grains from our friends over at the pioneer of craft beer community, Coffeebeerian. We’re also cooking some ideas in making menu-collaborations with restaurants, and chefs around us!


Photos are courtesy of W/ T/ME.

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