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Chef William Wongso Presents Culinary Wonders in Singapore and Bintan

Chef William Wongso Presents Culinary Wonders in Singapore and Bintan

FoodieS Team
22 September 2022


For a limited time only this September and October, Chef William Wongso showcases ;The Nusantara Spice Journey' highlighting authentic Indonesian specialties at the Residence Bintan and Sheraton Towers Singapore.


Cenizaro Hotels and Resorts, a leading international hospitality company with a portfolio of independent luxury hotel properties in the world’s most desirable locations, is delighted to unveil a memorable culinary experience led by Indonesia’s most celebrated culinary expert, Chef William Wongso. Coming to Singapore and Bintan for a limited time, guests will be invited to embark on ‘The Nusantara Spice Journey’ with authentic Indonesian culinary delicacies created by Chef Wongso. The event will take place from Friday, 23rd September to Sunday, 25th September at Sheraton Towers Singapore and from Friday, 21st to Sunday, 23rd October at The Residence Bintan.

Titled The Nusantara Spice Journey, from Sulawesi to Sumatra, the evocative menu will spotlight the indigenous ingredients and aromatic herbs and spices that capture the essence of Indonesian flavors. Discerning gourmands can look forward to savoring a symbolic journey through the archipelago’s Spice Islands, home to over 30,000 spice species and the world’s second most enormous mega biodiversity.

'The Nusantara Spice Journey’ Debuts at Sheraton Towers Singapore

Look forward to discovering a flavourful buffet of authentic Indonesian culinary delights that formed the archipelago, presented by leading culinary expert Chef William Wongso alongside Executive Chef Eric Cheam.

Showcasing the best of Indonesia’s spices and diverse culinary heritage, guests can reserve this special dining experience from Friday, 23rd September to Sunday, 25th September at Sheraton Towers Singapore.

The buffet is priced at S$88++ per adult and S$38++ per child and is available for dinner on Friday, 23rd September; lunch and dinner on Saturday, 24th September; and lunch on Sunday, 25th September 2022.

The buffet will include a sumptuous selection of Indonesian classics. Few of the highlighted dishes include Beef Rendang, Sate Daging Kelapa (Coconut Spiced Prime Beef Short Rib, Sate Peanut Soya Sauce); a rotation of meat and fish dishes such as Ayam Tangkap (Aceh Fried Chicken with Crispy Curry Leaves); Ikan Dabu-dabu (Steamed Locally Farmed Whole Barramundi with Tomato Shallot and Calamansi Sauce).
There will be Es Pisang Ijo (Green Banana) and Dadar Gulung (Pandan roll Stuffed Gula Melaka Grated Coconut) for the sweets and pastry delights.

There will also be an action and carving station for your preferred Mie Godog (Jawa Broth Noodle) with condiments of Prawn & Chicken, Fried Shallot, Sliced Spring Onion, and Salted Ikan Kurau; or Pasture-raised Beef Ribeye Roast with Saksang Sauce (North Sumatra Mala Sauce) with condiments of Salsa / Sambal, Sambal Matah and Sambal Colo-Colo.

Sheraton Tower Singapore

39 Scotts Rd, Singapore 228230

‘The Nusantara Spice Journey’ Arrives at The Residence Bintan

For guests seeking to venture into the heart of the archipelago, ‘The Nusantara Spice Journey’ featuring Chef Wongso, the visiting chef-in-residence, will make its anticipated debut from Friday, 21st to Sunday, 23rd October at The Residence Bintan. Guests are encouraged to reserve these limited seats at Rica Rica restaurant to savor a showcase of authentic Indonesian fine dining over lunches and dinners through a medley of local flavors against the picturesque tropical backdrop of The Residence Bintan.

Highlights include Chef Wongso’s signatures and his unique take on various Indonesian classics. The appetizers will comprise a trio medley showcasing Ceviche of Gohu Tuna from the Moluccas from the Maluku (Spice) Islands; Slada Bangka Udang, a North Sulawesi dish of white radish with cashew nuts, yellow mustard, and sugar; and Mentho Yogya, a sweet, savory steam mince spiced chicken of Central Java.

Other dinner menu highlights include a hearty Binte Biluhuta Gorontalo soup of Sweet Corn, Young Coconut, and Shrimp Broth from North Sulawesi and Gulai Ikan Aceh Roti Jala (Fish Curry Lacy Pancake) from North Sumatra.
The main course will be Beef Prime Short Rib & Chicken with Rendang Sauce highlighting flavors of Central Sumatra (Minangkabau), with Tempeh, Yellow turmeric fragrance rice, Rumpu Rampe, and Crispy caramelized potato chips.
The specially curated 3-course set lunch featuring Nasi Liwet from Solo Central Java and Nasi Minyak, a specialty of Jambi Central Sumatra, is priced at IDR450,000 ++ per adult, and the 7-course dinner is priced at IDR850,000 ++ per adult.

For guests hoping to walk away with a more immersive, personal takeaway; the Afternoon Tea Affair with Chef Wongso will feature a palate appetizer of refreshing Indonesia afternoon tea delights, which will be followed by a cooking class including Sate Marangi, Ikan Pepes, and Dadar Gulung as dishes to create together. The one-day-only cooking class at The Residence Bintan on Sunday, 23rd October, is priced at IDR 350,000 ++ per adult.

The Residence Bintan by Cenizaro Hotels & Resorts

Kampung Galang Batang, RT.005/RW.003, Gn. Kijang, Kec. Gn. Kijang, Kabupaten Bintan, Kepulauan Riau 29153

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