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Earl Grey Might Be Your Cup of Tea

Earl Grey Might Be Your Cup of Tea

Vania Ramadina
16 October 2023


From cakes to panna cottas, Earl Grey tea creations are something you might crave time and time again. Take a bite or two of these delightful treats for your afternoon tea or coffee time.


In recent times, Earl Grey has gained significant popularity, finding its way into various culinary delights, including bubble tea, cakes, pastries, and even cocktails. While I prefer coffee over tea, the aromatic beverage absolutely has its own charisma.

There are thousands of varieties of tea throughout the world, and one of them is Earl Grey tea. The famous tea is a blend of black tea and bergamot essential oil. With a floral aroma, many people use Earl Grey tea to create food of their own. Generally, the Earl Grey tea flavor is suitable for the Indonesian palate. Although Earl Grey tea is a more popular flavor, people can find other Earl Grey tea creations. Some of those creations are even as popular as the tea itself, and here they are.

Earl Grey Creations


When making French toast, we often use brioche or white bread. But it doesn’t hurt to try another kind of bread. You might want to consider the Earl Grey tea bread for a new twist to your French toast or just something to chew. Some say tea-based bread loaves are closely associated with Britain since the English love tea. But, this flavored bread will delight whomever palate that fancies a sweetness. With a strong and aromatic flavor, Earl Grey tea bread can be fluffy or more solid, depending on how you want it to be.


The Earl Grey tea flavor for cake is a more popular Earl Grey tea creation. You can find this particular cake in many Korean-style cakes. Most cakes are sweet, but with a potent Earl Grey tea mix, you can make the cake a little less sweet. Besides Earl Grey tea, people also use spices for this purpose. Typically, some people create elaborate Earl Grey tea cakes with additions like dark chocolate, lavender, vanilla, raspberry, lemon, and more. This tea cake can be an option for tea connoisseurs.


Originally from Persia, cookies are a classic snack or dessert. As most people may already know, chocolate chip is justifiably the most popular cookie flavor. Many enjoy it as is or with milk. That said, chocolate chip isn’t the only great flavor for cookies—Earl Grey tea is catching up on that. People can put the tea flavor in regular or shortbread cookies. One of the best ways to embody that Earl Grey tea flavor in cookies is through the butter mix. The citrusy Earl Grey tea goes well with the cookie sweetness.


Donuts are a delight of treats. While it can be great for savory, donut is primarily sweet. The tasty snack can have various fillings, from fruits to confectionary products. The classic flavors like chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla are irreplaceable, but the Earl Grey tea flavor is fresh air. As you know now, Earl Grey tea cakes are a great option—but the donuts are also a way to enjoy the famous tea in different forms. Earl Grey tea can be inside of and fill the whole donut. However, it can also be an Earl Grey tea glaze on top.

Earl Grey Tea Latte

Besides cake, the Earl Grey tea latte also belongs to the more popular Earl Grey tea creations. Like coffee, milk is an addition to Earl Grey tea for people who don’t like the strong taste. Cold or hot, this drink is famous for a reason. The robust and citrusy flavor is there, but the milk dampens it to a balanced level. The hot serving of this is called a London Fog. There’s an added sweetener with a London Fog, usually vanilla syrup. So, the difference fundamentally comes down to the vanilla.

Ice Cream

From kids to adults, ice cream suits almost everyone’s taste. The cold sense of it blends with various sweetness, making for an unrivaled treat on hotter days or even just regular days. The Earl Grey tea ice cream flavor is one many can’t resist, making it a popular pick. The sweetness coming from the cream harmonizes with the bold Earl Grey tea. It can be the ice cream you should go for when you want a refreshing one. Churned or not churned, putting tea in your ice cream might be a good idea, especially when it’s Earl Grey tea.

Panna Cotta

Another delicate creation of Earl Grey tea is panna cotta. The sweet Italian dessert is smooth, and when you put Earl Grey tea in it, the flavored tea will bring the whole dessert to perfection. Earl Grey tea will also bring out its pleasant smell, making it an earthy dessert. This particular panna cotta is pretty familiar to Indonesians. One way to make an Earl Grey tea panna cotta is by infusing it in the mix. This dessert may even make you feel like drinking your tea and eating your dessert simultaneously.


One of the absolute pairings for afternoon tea is scones. With its chunky texture, the baked good is an option for many people to enjoy with their teas. Cream, chocolate, raisin, butter, and plain scones are the familiar flavors found in scones, but Earl Grey tea can also be the flavor. You can’t go wrong in pairing the popular tea with Earl Grey tea scones. If anything, it’s an abundance of Earl Grey tea. Not only do Earl Grey tea scones pair well with tea, but also coffee because it is a piece of treat.

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