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What Foodies Eat: Your Favorite Comfort Food

What Foodies Eat: Your Favorite Comfort Food

Monika Febriana
13 July 2023


Our foodie friends share their favorite comfort foods, ranging from heartwarming bowls of noodles to healthy doses of Acai bowls,


Discover the cherished comfort foods of these food enthusiasts, each with its own captivating story and allure. From hot pots and homemade meals to vegan delights and traditional street food, an incredible range of comforting dishes awaits. Join us on an enticing journey into the world of comfort foods, where we unravel their unique flavors and experience the joyful comfort they bring.

What is comfort food?

Comfort food has become a widely used term lately, referring to food that provides a sense of emotional comfort and often evokes nostalgia associated with specific events or moments. According to a source, consuming comfort food can enhance happiness. Typically, these types of foods contain carbohydrates, sugar, or high calorie content.

Favorite Comfort Foods of Our Foodie Friends

Cindy (@bellyculinary)

As a Food Content Creator, Cindy, better known as @bellyculinary on Instagram, dedicates herself to exploring the culinary world. Having a background in Food Technology has provided her with a solid understanding of the culinary world. Among the various delicious foods she has tasted, Cindy said that her comfort food is Hot Pots, especially from the Haidilao restaurant.

“Lately, my sisters and I have been into hot pots, and our go-to spot is Haidilao. We love that this restaurant has multiple branches, and the service is consistently excellent. Mala soup & prawn paste are our go-to orders.”

I Wayan Wahyu Mahendranata

With a background as a photographer and as the business owner of the Japanese fusion restaurant Barashi, I Wayan Wahyu Mahendranata is actively involved in the culinary world. Wahyu is known for his love of traveling and exploring diverse cuisines from various regions. During his culinary adventures, it becomes apparent that Wahyu’s choice for comfort food is the simple dish of Fried Tofu.

“Fried tofu, I am a big fan of tofu. It is easy to cook, and we can find it everywhere.”

Laksmi De Neefe Suardana

Laksmi De Neefe Suardana, known as Puteri Indonesia 2022 and Miss Universe 2022, is not only an accomplished beauty queen but also a passionate food enthusiast. Her love for food stems from her family background, as they own several restaurants, and her hobby of traveling to taste various cuisines from around the world. Laksmi reveals that her comfort food of choice is the acai bowl, a Brazilian dessert made from acai puree combined with vegetables or fruits.

“As for my go-to comfort food, I love a good Brazilian acai bowl. It’s a treat! I like to try different acai shops when I travel, and recently I almost tried all of them in New York. So far, the best one is in Ubud, Acai Queen. And for chocolate lava cake, I usually order it from any good restaurant.”

Serly (@onebitebigbite)

Serly, known as One Bite Big Bite on Instagram, has captivated netizens with her delightful content featuring restaurant and food reviews. As the owner of the account, she remains dedicated to creating engaging and informative content for her followers. With a deep passion for food, Serly’s comfort lies in savoring delectable and authentic dishes, with a particular fondness for Chinese Claypot Rice.

“Chinese Claypot Rice in Kungfu Wok PIK. Super delicious and authentic. For me, there is no better clay pot rice than theirs.”

Synthia Tjipto

Within the realm of culinary content creators, Synthia Tjipto is a notable figure renowned for her digital presence in the food, hotel, and travel industries. With a wealth of experience in sampling diverse cuisines, ranging from traditional delicacies to those crafted by renowned 5-star hotel restaurants, Synthia’s ultimate comfort food choice is Char Kway Teow. This street food delight hails from Malaysia and consists of flat rice noodles stir-fried with soy sauce, clams, bean sprouts, and traditional Chinese sausage (lap cheong), among other mouthwatering ingredients.

“My favorite comfort foods are Char kway teow from Ateng and Bakmi Lamlo.”

Sung Y. Kim

Sung Y. Kim, the US Ambassador for Indonesia, brings a wealth of cultural experiences to his role. Having previously worked in Seoul, the Philippines, and grown up in America, he possesses a rich multicultural background that has provided him with firsthand exposure to a variety of cultures and their culinary treasures. This diverse upbringing has fostered Ambassador Kim’s deep appreciation for the gastronomic delights found across different parts of the world.

“Can we consider jamu a food here? Jamu makes you feel good, no matter what ails you. I think Jamu is Indonesia’s best-kept secret for promoting culinary happiness. All the good things together form something even better – that’s what Indonesia is all about.”

Wenny Vanilla

Wenny Vanilla, is a culinary enthusiast and skincare expert. With a background in skincare and cosmetics, Wenny’s passion extends to the world of gastronomy. Through her popular Instagram page, she showcases easy recipes and innovative culinary creations with her followers. To her, there’s nothing quite like the heartwarming embrace of a home-cooked meal, she especially have a soft spot for dim sum.

“Dim Sum! I love Wing Lok at Antasari”

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