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What Foodies Eat: Our Favorite Bakmi

What Foodies Eat: Our Favorite Bakmi

Auli Cinantya
13 January 2023


Our Foodies friends share their favorite Bakmi place with us and what to order!


As one of Indonesia’s most beloved cuisine, for many, Bakmi is a staple dish you can easily find everywhere. From the OG Chinese style Bakmi, complete with pork delicacies, to a more modern style Bakmi that has successfully garnered everyone’s attention, we ask our foodies friends about their favorite noodle place and what to order.

What is Bakmi?

The Chinese word for “meat noodle” is “bakmi.” It refers to various egg noodles that the Chinese introduced to south-east Asia. Today it is most commonly used as part of the name of many Indonesian dishes made with those noodles. Indonesian bakmi recipes typically include meat, frequently chicken, and a variety of vegetables in addition to noodles. The dishes come in a wide variety of regional and local variations.

There are numerous varieties of other noodles in Indonesia, and the noodles’ thickness is somewhere between Chinese Mian and Japanese Udon.

Eric Eko Santoso

“I love Bakmi Cong Sim Atek Mangga Besar. The noodles have this smooth texture with very tempting Char Siu toppings.”

Firman Aldianto

“Recently, I have enjoyed Bakmi and noodles. I love PO Noodle’s Ja Mian OG Chicken.”

Jessica Eveline

“My go to bakmi are either Bakmie Agoan near my house or Bakmi Ahong in Glodok with their delicious Pek Cam Kee/ Hainanese chicken served with lard and sesame oil.”

Ray Janson

“My favorite is Bakmi Acai, located in Green Garden Complex in Jakarta Barat. The noodle, and the toppings, are always good. The owner always gives me extra pork cracklings, hehehe.”

Synthia Tjipto

“Noodles are my go-to comfort food; my favorite places for Noodles are Char Kway Teow at Ateng and Bakmi from Bakmi Lamlo.”

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