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What FoodieS Eat: Diah Pithaloka

What FoodieS Eat: Diah Pithaloka

Danti Tarigan
26 May 2023


Diah Pithaloka, a lifestyle cyclist, shares with us what she's looking for when she's on a culinary hoping and places she frequents for good food.


Born in Jakarta in 2002, Diah Pithaloka is a lifestyle cyclist who has been active in the community for several years. She is currently finishing her studies at a private communications university in Jakarta. When not cycling, she often goes culinary, hoping to satisfy her deep curiosity and appetite for good food.

What is your favorite type of cuisine and food?

I love Indonesian food, and my favorite food is noodles. I love all kinds of noodles!

To you, what would make a perfect meal?

When the spices and ingredients being used are right, with proper balance. Even better, if it is cooked with authentic techniques, the result must be perfect.

What usually draws your attention to a place to eat?

For me, the most interesting places are the ‘OG’ ones, which have been established for a long time. I’m always curious to try the taste of ‘original’ food.

What are your favorite local dishes, and where do you usually go to eat them?

Ketoprak Ciragil, in Ciragil Street, South Jakarta. 

Do you have any memorable food trips?

I once went to Medan just for culinary purposes. I want to try all the iconic Medan dishes directly in their original spot. It was my first time in the city, and it was such an unforgettable trip. One of the most memorable dishes I ate there was the Medan’s kwetiau kerang (flat rice noodles with clams).

What do you look for in street food?

The crowd, hahaha. I’ve always got excited if there is a crowded street food spot. Another factor is cleanliness too.

What is your favorite street food, and where do you usually eat it?

Chicken satay! To be honest, there’s almost no chicken satay in Jakarta that doesn’t taste good; it’s amazing. But my favorite goes to Sate Ayam Kucica. It is located in Bintaro Sector 9. You have to try it!

Do you have any places you frequently go to?

Chung Gi Wa in Wijaya, almost every dish there tastes delicious. But my favorite thing there is actually their Makgeolli (Korean alcoholic beverage). It’s ‘comfortable’ on my palate as well as the stomach.

Where do you usually hang out with friends or go for special occasions with family?

My family usually eats at Abunawas. I am also a lover of Briyani Rice, and their lamb is so well-made that the spices truly seep up to the bone. Talking about it even made me crave it.

Is there any food you can eat every day without getting bored?

All kinds of pastry. I love it so much I’m willing to eat it every day.

Where are your top three dining places always on your favorite list?

My top three dining places would be Sudestada Restaurant, Khubilai Khan Hotpot, and Sushi Masa.

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