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What Chef Eats: Patrese Vito

What Chef Eats: Patrese Vito

Auli Cinantya
24 September 2023


Embark on a culinary journey with Patrese Vito as he shares his latest projects, innovative cuisine, and culinary discoveries.


In the realm of culinary innovation, Patrese Vito stands as a notable presence. As the co-owner of MARKT and The Pantry at MARKT, his days are a harmonious blend of culinary craftsmanship, restaurant management, and culinary consulting. Amidst his bustling schedule, he finds joy in exploring new dining venues and engaging in chef association events.

Patrese’s culinary journey is characterized by his passion for elevating raw ingredients into dishes that patrons savor time and again. His style primarily revolves around European cuisine, infused with a hint of Asian influence.

When it comes to dining, Patrese’s tastes span the spectrum from high-end to street food. From the enchanting simplicity of Bar Vera in Bali to the exquisite European Fine Dining at Restaurant Alex Dilling, he has a flair for discovering culinary gems. With us, Patrese Vito shares his culinary journey, passion for innovative cuisines, recent culinary discoveries, and ongoing projects.

Hi! Please tell us a bit about yourself and your day-to-day activities. 
Hi! My name is Patrese Vito, and I’m the co-owner of MARKT and The Pantry at MARKT. I oversee the operations of both businesses, including private dining and restaurant consulting. Beyond my work routines, I enjoy exploring new restaurants and participating in chef’s association events.

What do you like the most about being a chef?
I relish the opportunity to elevate raw ingredients and serve people food they can savor repeatedly.

How do you describe your cooking style? 
My cooking primarily revolves around European-style cuisine, but I infuse it with a touch of Asian flair.

What is your most recent dining destination that left a good impression? 
Bar Vera in Bali pleasantly surprised me with its simplicity and bold flavors. Restaurant Alex Dilling at Hotel Café Royale left me in awe with its attention to detail and fine European dining techniques. Lastly, Empal Gentong Amarta is the kind of dish I could enjoy on a daily basis.

Do you have any go-to venues for hanging out with friends or for special occasions with family? 
I find that places with grilled meat are always a hit with my loved ones. A Korean or Japanese BBQ restaurant is usually our choice.

To you, what would make a perfect meal?
A perfect meal, to me, is a combination of well-executed dishes (simple with robust flavors) and the company you share it with.

What is the most unforgettable food experience you have ever had? 
The sensation of enjoying a warm Ginger Pig Sausage roll on a chilly London day with Chiria. It’s such a simple, humble delight yet incredibly heartwarming.

What is the food that you love the most? 
Ginger Pig’s sausage rolls.

Is there any food you can eat every day without getting bored? 
Eating the same food every day is a challenge for me, but if I had to choose, Ginger Pig’s sausage rolls would suffice.

What are your favorite local dishes, and where do you go to eat them? 
I enjoy Bakmie Nirwana in Permata Buana.

Where are your top three dining places that are always on your favorite list? And which food do you recommend getting at those places? 

  1. Taste Paradise – Dim Sum, 
  2. Osteria Gia – Quattro Formaggi Pizza, 
  3. Bar Vera, Bali – try the Pork Chop and thank me later.

Did you develop new recipes or discover a new type of food you have enjoyed in the recent year? 
Yes, I’ve been continuously working on creating new signature dishes.

What are the most unique ingredients you have ever worked with? 
Black Garlic, which tastes like tamarind with a rich umami finish.

Is there any new plan or projects that we could look forward to? 
The Pantry will be our latest project that I’m deeply involved in. Additionally, MARKT is set for expansion, each with its distinct uniqueness. Stay tuned and follow @MARKT for updates.

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