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What Foodies Eat: Ukka Rizki

What Foodies Eat: Ukka Rizki

Nisya Kunto
24 October 2021


Foodie and travel enthusiast, Ukka Rizki, shares with us his favorite eats and a restaurant on his bucket list on this week's edition of What Foodies Eat!


Hi Ukka! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, what your day-to-day activities are like?

Most of my days are about being busy in the kitchen, cooking and preparing the order from my customers for Beary Sweet Tooth. Beary Sweet Tooth is getting busy lately since people are always craving for desserts.

I started with Beary Sweet Tooth in 2016, but during that time business only circulated from one friend to another. The idea of it is to sell the oldies dessert recipe back when I was a kid, Puding Marie Regal. 

Beary Sweet Tooth had its own Instagram page back in the beginning of 2018. After that, things are getting better. It has ups and downs, But it hasn’t stopped me. 

Now that the city is opening up again, have you been going out to eat? If so, what was your first dining destination?

Oh Yes! So me and some of my friends went to Devon Cafe. We tried their brunch menu and of course their Truffle Ice Cream. YUM!!

Do you have any go-to venues for when you hang out with friends and family?

We usually go to the mall for movies, shopping and dining. On special occasions, we would go for a staycation even if it’s only for a night or two.

When you go out for coffee, what do you look for and where do you go? Any regular places?

Of course comfort is a priority, I look for somewhere I can relax with my friends, maybe a spot for quick snap as well. I often go to Arabica in Central Park for that. Good coffee, nice place. 

If you have visitors from abroad/out of Jakarta, where do you take them to give a genuine taste of Indonesia?

I will definitely take them to try some street food here in Jakarta. My must-tries are Ketoprak Ciragil, Ayam Malaya in Menteng, Bebek Goreng Slamet, Bakso Solo Samrat, Martabak 777 SB in Kasablanka, Ayam Kodok in Pecenongan and jajanan pasar at Bopet Mini near to where I live in Benhil.

What are your favorite local dishes and where do you go to eat them?

I have so many favorite local dishes, like sate lilit, rujak rambutan, gurame goreng, and usually I get them at Putu Made Restaurants.

Is there any food you can eat every day without ever getting bored?

I never get bored with the food from Shu Cuisine in Plaza Indonesia. I love their Country Style Stir Fry Beef, Sichuan Mala Fried Chicken, and Szechuan Style Fried Cabbage.

What would be your dream meal? Any restaurants you have yet to cross off your list?

This is a tough question, there are so many! I am so dying to go back to The Bucket List at Bondi Beach in Sydney.You guys should try the Taco, and their Buttermilk Fried Chicken. End it with their Chocolate Brownie. It’s just excellent!

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