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What Foodies Eat: Ian Eryanto Wongso

What Foodies Eat: Ian Eryanto Wongso

Nisya Kunto
10 September 2021


In this edition of What Foodies Eat, we spoke to Ian Eryanto Wongso, co-founder and chief content officer of JKTGo.


Ian is a lover of Chinese food, and he shares with us his go-to hot pot spots, his trusty martabak vendor, and the place he looks forward to visiting again once the dining restrictions relaxes further. 

What are your favorite foods?

Steak, Martabak Manis & Hot Pot!

Do you have a favorite restaurant — special occasions or fine dining and for more casual dining?

Casual Dining is Holycow – they allow you to bring a bottle of wine too without a corkage fee. For special occasions, my choice will definitely be the recently opened  Tom’s at The Langham!


What food and drink do you miss most now that there are dining restrictions in place?

Definitely lounge hopping – as there’s so many places I have yet to visit – a lounge / bar would not definitely do justice without the crowd. For Hot Pot – HAI DI LAO!

What is the first dish you will eat when you can freely dine out? What is the first restaurant you want to visit?

Padang food definitely! Padang Merdeka still has the tastiest menu! And the fish at Suji Suan Cai Yu – they have killer mala taste & so refreshing!

If you have visitors from abroad, where do you take them to give a genuine taste of Indonesia?

Seafood at Pondok Laguna! They have the best seafood for more than 30 years & a true taste of Indonesia.

What are your favorite local dishes and where do you go to eat them?

There’s a great nasi kuning at a local market of Petojo – so I usually take a bike to buy it every now & then. For Martabak Manis – I go to Sinar Bulan at Tanjung Duren/Martabak Manis Bangka Iwan at Jembatan Lima Area – you can buy both of them at Gojek too. But it’s fun to drive by & see the process.

Where do you go if you had to meet up with old friends for food?

Williams at Suryo has a great chill vibe & good food. I usually go to Hai Di Lao / Shu Guo Yin Xiang for hot pot & drinks.

What have been your go-to places for food delivery during the pandemic? 

Dragon Hot Pot to eat at home, or Wan Fan for rice bowl – they have amazing taste!

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