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Tipsy Tea With Dilmah for a Bespoke Rendezvous at Raffles Jakarta

Tipsy Tea With Dilmah for a Bespoke Rendezvous at Raffles Jakarta

FoodieS Team
07 December 2023


Raffles Jakarta unveils an opulent afternoon with The Teamaker's Private Reserve by Dilmah and its prestigious tea line for the third annual Tipsy Tea at The Writers Bar.


Would there be a more ideal day than a soirée of afternoon tea? Across the eras at Raffles, Dukes and Duchesses, Kings and Queens, have enjoyed the traditional English High Tea. At Raffles Jakarta, we take you back in time, offering a high tea experience rich in history and tradition — perfect for chic soirée or a light repast with friends and loved ones.

Following the resounding success of the celebrated Tipsy Tea series, Raffles Jakarta proudly announces the afternoon tea tradition in 2023 in collaboration with Dilmah’s luxurious tea line to celebrate the end-of-year festivities. Inspired by a mutual dedication to bespoke and personalized Tea encounters, Raffles Jakarta and Dilmah unite in a collaboration that unveils a collection of extraordinary teas limited in availability and distinguished by their sensorial uniqueness. Conceived by Merrill J. Fernando, the visionary Founder of Dilmah, The Teamaker’s Private Reserve presents an exclusive assortment of handpicked teas sourced from the most exquisite gardens and expertly blended by connoisseurs. Each tea variant narrates a distinctive tale, mirroring the abundant heritage and craftsmanship that Dilmah has embodied over the years.

Raffles Jakarta invites connoisseurs of Afternoon Tea to indulge in the timeless charm of Tipsy Tea with Dilmah at The Writers Bar. This year, Chef Anom Putra has translated the nuances and selected The Teamaker’s Private Reserve flavours into his sweet treat creations.

Among his tea-infused creations are the sweetness of Chocolate Salted Caramel Popcorn that balances the lightly floral citrus of bergamot from the Single Estate Earl Grey infusion, followed by the redolent Vanilla Black Tea infused with Lover’s Leap Estate Pikoe I tea and Chilled Mango Cheesecake lending its aromatic notes from Mango Scented Doombagastalawa Estate FBOP into a delectable treat.

Adding a savoury touch to your tea affair, relish the rich flavours of Pulled Beef Sandwich, the delicate layers of Smoked Salmon Mille Feuille, and the exquisite Foie Gras Mousse, delicately crafted to complete the afternoon experience. A bespoke rendezvous and an homage to the classic Afternoon Tea with The Teamaker’s Private Reserve line redefined in the luxurious embrace of Raffles Jakarta.

The Writers Bar at Raffles Jakarta

Jl. Prof. DR. Satrio Kav. 3-5, Jakarta

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