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Tag: traditional food

Rijsttafel A Culinary Time Capsule of Jakarta’s Past

This unique Indonesian feast, born from a blend of Dutch and Indonesian
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A Peek at Corner 28

Corner 28 offers a fusion of Indonesian culinary delights, marrying tradition with
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MARI-MARI: A Fresh Culinary and Playful Experience in South Jakarta

Lazy Susan presents a dining concept that introduces a fresh approach to
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What Chef Eats: Febs Asyagaf

In her quest to master the art of Indonesian cuisine, Chef Febs
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A Tapestry of Indonesian Cuisine at SEMAJA

SEMAJA presents a culinary adventure that blends traditional elements with a modern
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Cap Roti Buaya Brings Back Classic Treats with a Fun Approach

Located at the heart of M Bloc, Cap Roti Buaya offer a
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A Modern Way To Enjoy Jajanan
Pasar at Jajan Si Manis

At the home of Jajan Si Manis, nostalgic traditional sweets are wrapped
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Plataran Indonesia Celebrates Its 14th Anniversary

In celebration of its 14th Anniversary, Plataran Indonesia collaborates with Museum MACAN
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