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Indonesian Food and Wine Pairing

Indonesian food and wine are a pair you should try if you
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A Tapestry of Indonesian Cuisine at SEMAJA

SEMAJA presents a culinary adventure that blends traditional elements with a modern
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What Are the Chef’s Favorite Local Foods?

From comforting soupy dishes like meatballs to flavorful suckling pigs, these culinary
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Nasi Peda Pelangi Launches
“Sehari-Rasa” Part 5: Sulteng

Celebrating Indonesia's Food Biodiversity, Nasi Peda Pelangi Presents "Sehari-Rasa," Inspired by Sukarno's
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What FoodieS Eat: Wenny Vanilla

Aside from being passionate about beauty and creativity, Wenny Vanilla enjoys sharing
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What Chef Eats: Vallian Gunawan

Chef Vallian Gunawan of SKOOL Bali shared about his love for open-fire
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Solo Diner: A Taste of Home in SCBD
from Nasi Peda Pelangi

Between the soaring skyscrapers and the business district's hustles, Nasi Peda Pelangi
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What Chef Eats: Ryan Thejasukmana

Bartolo Bali's Head Chef, Ryan Thejasukmana shares his favorite places to eat,
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What Chef Eats: Chef Kesia Putri

Pastry Chef Kesia Putri shares her recommendations for dining places to go,
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