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Tag: Barista

What FoodieS Eat: Demitria Dana Paramita

From her favourite city to eat to the latest street food gems in Semarang, get to know Demi's picks on her top bar destinations
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Winners of the Kopi Fest Indonesia are Finally Announced!

Kopi Fest Indonesia 2023 has been successfully held. The peak of the event announced the winners of the Indonesia AeroPress Championship and Barista Innovation Challenge in 2023.
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Brewing Brilliance: Barista Champs of Indonesia

From the essential ingredients to the passionate individuals behind each cup, the coffee industry is dedicated to delivering the finest beverages to your table. Get to know these awe-inspiring Indonesian baristas who have competed at both national and global levels.
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Starbucks Celebrate International Coffee Day

To Commemorate International Coffee Day, Starbucks in Indonesia Build Its Foundation on Three Key Pillars.
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