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Starbucks Welcome Springs With New Collection And Menu

Starbucks Welcome Springs With New Collection And Menu

FoodieS Team
11 March 2022


Spring has sprung and Starbucks is in full bloom with a new drinks and menu for its Spring 2022 menu.


When faced with a problem, we tend to intensify our focus and thinking. With the pressure to achieve a work-life balance, young people want to appreciate the freedom and luxury to be able to space out for their well-being. Spacing out is not just a way to escape from reality — but a source of proactive, creative inspiration and imagination. And sometimes, doing the opposite— relaxing and unfocusing—can lead us to dream up more creative, unexpected solutions—ideas beyond the norm.

Our consumers want their everyday moments uplifted and need great drink experiences to spark inspiration and support them because spring time makes them feel uneasy and restless through transitions in weather, moods, and behaviors. So Starbucks offers a moment of respite with dreamy beverages that recharge and reward to remind them to stop.

This season, we encourage our customers to sip back, relax, and dream beyond. After all, there’s no better way to lift your imagination than with a beverage as irresistibly creamy and light as the cloud macchiato. Dreamy and fluffy cloud foam beverages gives our customers license to be idle and leave space for proactive inspiration and imagination

The irresistibly luscious Salted Caramel Cloud Macchiato returns to brighten up your cool spring mornings. Our aromatic signature espresso is skillfully combined with salted caramel syrup and deliciously light layers of fluffy milk whipped into cloud foam, giving you silky-smooth texture with every sip. This velvety creation is finished with a luxurious caramel drizzle for an extra sweet treat. Available as an iced and hot handcrafted beverage.

A new take on the Starbucks® Cloud Macchiato series, featuring rich cocoa. The Cocoa Cloud Macchiato combines cloud foam made from irresistible layers of milk whipped with signature espresso and delicious vanilla syrup. To top it off, rich mocha is drizzled on top in an elegant crosshatch double-circle design for a chocolaty accent. Available as a blended handcrafted beverage. Customers can also customize their beverage with plant-based whipped cream, now available at Starbucks® stores across Asia Pacific

FY22 Spring collection features the fleeting beauty of soft cherry blossoms in bloom, in both singular and cluster format, to celebrate the hope and beauty of nature. Cherry blossoms are outlined with a strong accent of metallic gold and colored in shades of soft pink, white and purple grey to deliver a premium and refreshing lineup.

Lilac is selected to be the dominant color of Spring seasonal core collection, featured with 1 co-branded Stanley tumblers and 1 stainless steel mug. Pink & Matcha Green color-changing reusable hot and cold cups are assorted to match with our next line up of beverages – Strawberry Dream Matcha Latte and Strawberry Dream Cream Frappuccino Blended Beverage to amplify the seasonal offerings.

This season, we take you to expand your imagination to indulge the taste of fantasy. We have Mochi Sakura Choux Cream, Truffle Mushroom Pinwheels, Smoked Beef and Cheese Flat Bread, also Assorted Mini Doughnut and Putu Roll Cake for your fasting and sweet Lebaran moment.

The combination of crunchy & chewy from the sakura coating that wraps soft mochi with a creamy filling makes Mochi Sakura Choux Cream match up with the Spring season. Vegetarian-friendly croissant in the form of pinweels in Truffle Mushroom Pinwheels is full of a strong truffle aroma covered with creamy mushroom on top.

Smoked Beef and Cheese Flat Bread is coated with savory smoked meat that blends well with the melted mozzarella cheese when heated. Will be available in every season, now we have Assorted Mini Doughnuts with 3 variants of peanut butter, nutella & raspberry. Easy to eat anywhere, anytime!

And during fasting and Lebaran moment, we also have Putu Roll Cake – an authentic Swiss roll with a touch of local wisdom – pandanus, coconut & palm sugar inspired by putu bamboo. 



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