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Restaurant Radar: September’s Must-Try Dining Delights

Restaurant Radar: September’s Must-Try Dining Delights

Auli Cinantya
01 September 2023


This September's Restaurant Radar unveils an eclectic mix of delights, from new bar happenings in Jakarta to captivating beachfront gems in Bali.


As September unfolds, brace yourself for a captivating culinary odyssey through the bustling urban streets of Jakarta and the serene landscapes of Bali. Our Restaurant Radar unveils an eclectic mix of gastronomic delights that promise to tantalize your taste buds and enrich your dining experiences. From Jakarta’s latest bar, café, and restaurant openings to Bali’s diverse array of dining destinations, including plant-based havens, expansive coffee shops, and beachfront gems, this month’s list encompasses an array of flavors, atmospheres, and concepts. 

Restaurant Radar Jakarta

Bar Luca

Bar Luca, Union’s latest culinary venture, is an inviting haven, especially for wine enthusiasts. Located at 18 Parc Place, adjacent to Bistecca SCBD, Bar Luca introduces a refreshing touch to the world of natural wine bars. This establishment is characterized by its unpretentious yet sophisticated approach, offering a remarkable selection of natural wines paired with delectable small plates. This new addition by The Union Group is poised to captivate Union aficionados and bar aficionados across Jakarta. The enticing array of natural wine choices is complemented by a delectable menu featuring culinary delights like Black Angus Tartare crowned with Foie Gras and Lamb Kofta, promising an unparalleled dining experience.

Glou Wine & Bistro

Situated in the bustling Wijaya area, Glou Wine & Bistro embodies a relaxed and inviting space where the pleasures of wine, food, and camaraderie intertwine effortlessly. This laid-back yet captivating wine and bistro establishment offers a distinct ambiance that promotes carefree enjoyment. 

Guided by the culinary expertise of Chef Renatta Moelok and Head Chef Adam Rizal, the menu showcases an array of delightful offerings, some influenced by Chef Renatta’s experiences in Paris. Anticipate an exquisite culinary journey featuring delectable treats such as Gin Cured Salmon Gravlax, the intriguing Cervelle a la Marocaine, Citrus Poached Pears, and a truly unique creation, the Pelawan Mushroom Pasta. 

J68 Coffee Roasters

Nestled in Gandaria, J68 Coffee Roasters introduces a refreshing take on coffee appreciation through its innovative experience bar concept. This specialty coffee micro roastery is not just a coffee shop; it’s a slow bar coffee destination where every sip is a journey. Anchored by their in-house roastery, J68 offers a rich array of coffee options, from meticulously crafted espresso-based creations to captivating manual brews using their meticulously roasted beans. Take advantage of their signature, Roaster’s flight, a testament to their commitment to quality. This coffee spot’s serene yet dynamic ambiance is an ideal backdrop for savoring both a cup of exceptional coffee and a delectable pastry.

KAMA Cuisine & Libations by RAYA

KAMA, a vibrant addition to Jakarta’s lively Senopati district, introduces a delectable array of Pan-Asian grilled dishes. KAMA derives its name from the Fijian term for “fire,” which embodies the essence of open-flame cooking. This new Pan-Asian grill restaurant in town presents a carefully crafted selection of appetizers, main courses, and desserts in a cozy yet sophisticated atmosphere of its warmly designed interior. With an inviting ambiance that seamlessly blends comfort and elegance, KAMA beckons patrons to indulge in its array of delightful Pan-Asian grilled dishes. Positioned to capture the discerning palate, they aspire to be the favored choice for those searching for a captivating dining adventure.

Kurasu Indonesia

Discover Kurasu Senopati, the newest gem embellishing Jakarta’s vibrant coffee landscape. Tucked within the SCBD-Senopati enclave, Kurasu transports the essence of Kyoto’s specialized coffee craft to the city’s core. Immerse yourself in a realm where the precision of Japanese coffee mastery converges with the soul of Indonesia’s coffee culture, creating an unparalleled brew experience. 

At Kurasu, every cup tells a tale of meticulous bean selection, intricate brewing methods, and a dedication to delivering the perfect sip. Indulge in an array of coffee varieties, from rich pour-overs to velvety lattes, all meticulously prepared to evoke a symphony of flavors. Step into this sanctuary where every coffee enthusiast’s cravings are met with the finest blend of tradition and innovation.

Naaga Bar

Perched above SEMAJA Restaurant, Naaga Bar is an Indonesia-inspired artisanal concept that gracefully marries age-old recipes with contemporary mixology. Immerse yourself in the captivating tale of NAAGA, where age-old recipes meld seamlessly with modern techniques, resulting in a symphony of flavors that pay homage to local tastes.

Among their creations, the Sekarjagad cocktail stands as a testament to their craft. Like a blooming flower, it unveils intricate layers of flavor crafted around the essence of Sedap Malam cordial. This masterpiece captures the essence of nature’s artistry, a libation as enchanting as the flower it honors. Naaga Bar ingeniously crafts cocktails that honor Indonesia’s culture, nature, and heritage, often embracing local spirits to weave an unforgettable narrative of taste and culture.

Sesame Bakery Room

Located in the vibrant neighborhood of Kemang, this bustling haven is known for its delectable offerings and charming ambiance. Earning its reputation for crafting remarkable scones, you can indulge in a wide variety of Scones, from savory Truffle Scones to the delightful Earl Grey Scones and indulgent Choco Layer Scones; each bite is a symphony of flavors. Their exceptional Tiramisu and the irresistible 100 Layer Lasagna are not to be missed. As you explore their menu, don’t forget to complement these delights with a selection of beverages, from classic Americano and Cafe Latte to the unique Black Sesame Latte and soothing Fresh Apple Peppermint tea.

Villa Capri by HIRO Group

Drawing inspiration from the lively ambiance of the island of Capri, Villa Capri emerges as the newest culinary haven, offering an exquisite Italian dining experience with a combination of authentic Italian flavors, an intimate ambiance, and the conviviality of companionship.  Nestled within The Breeze BSD City, this dining establishment, led by the renowned HIRO Group, Villa Capri, presents an array of beloved Italian dishes. Notably, their wood-fired pizzas, crafted with finesse, allow diners to witness the culinary process through their open kitchen concept, adding an engaging element to the dining experience.

Restaurant Radar Bali

Azure Beach Restaurant

Nestled against the backdrop of Bali’s stunning azure waters and year-round sunsets, Azure Beach Restaurant, under the guidance of Chef Frederic Boulay, presents a Mediterranean-inspired dining experience that combines relaxation with sophistication. Featuring a menu highlighting the freshest locally-sourced Jimbaran seafood, including the delectable Jimbaran Seafood Tower with oysters, asari clams, king prawns, and more, and culinary delights like Barramundi Ceviche and Jimbaran Barramundi. While sipping on expertly crafted cocktails with 365-day sunset views, guests can soak in the beauty of the azure waters before indulging in a memorable dining experience prepared by the master Chef—a journey sure to leave a lasting impression.

Da Roma Bali

Formerly recognized as Da Romeo, the restaurant has now been rebranded as Da Roma. Nestled in the heart of bustling Berawa, this charming Italian dining spot offers a glimpse of La Dolce Vita amid Bali’s vibrant atmosphere. Delight in the classic striploin steak, tender and succulent, or savor the timeless lasagne bolognese, slow-cooked for an exquisite five hours. Meanwhile, their pizzas boast thin, crispy crusts and a cheese lover’s dream. Each bite is a homage to Rome itself. Options include the Zucchini Parmigiano, adorned with grilled zucchini, pesto, and parmesan, and the meat lovers’ pizza, brimming with ham, salami, and chicken, ensuring your appetite is thoroughly satisfied.

KUBU Canggu

Elevate your breakfast game with an unforgettable brunch experience at Kubu Canggu. This all-you-can-eat brunch haven in Batu Bolong, Canggu, introduces the first daily “Eat All You Can” brunch concept in the area. Offering an enticing array of options from the à la carte menu for just IDR 69,000, Kubu ensures you get your fill of morning delights. 

Choose from four delectable continental, American, Indonesian, and plant-based choices, catering to every palate. The favorites like Summer Rolls and Meatball Moza stand out among the crowd. The rustic interior, furnished with wooden elements and exposed beams, envelops you in a warm and inviting ambiance. And while you’re indulging, make sure to check out their signature cocktails that beautifully complement the breakfast bonanza.


Indulge in the flavors of Hong Kong at Likin, where a delectable array of dishes awaits, from Noodles to Hongkong Cha Chaan Teng classics. Don’t miss their standout Beef Noodle Soup, a true Hong Kong classic that boasts homemade noodles immersed in a flavorful broth, complemented by tender beef slices. Their unique twist comes in the form of noodle options, including the classic yellow, eye-catching pink (dragon fruit), and vibrant green (spinach) varieties. Regardless of the weather, the comfort and heartiness of this dish are unbeatable, and it pairs exceptionally well with their delightful milk tea. A culinary journey to Hong Kong’s heart, Likin’ promises a taste of authenticity in every bite.

Moreno Beach Bali

Start your day with a breathtaking view at Moreno Beach Bali, where a revitalizing cup of coffee awaits on the shores of Sanur Beach. This all-day dining destination offers freshly baked pastries in the morning and effervescent cocktails to accompany your sunset watching. Embracing the essence of comfort and Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, Moreno serves up flavorful and hearty dishes to perfectly complement the stunning surroundings. Their diverse all-day dining menu features comfort foods like fresh pasta, a variety of pizzas, revitalizing salads, and a delectable selection of fresh seafood. Enjoy a complete culinary experience while basking in the captivating ambiance of this coastal gem.

Pahdi Specialty Coffee

Introducing Pahdi Specialty Coffee, a monumental establishment proudly claiming the title of Southeast Asia’s largest coffee shop. Situated in the enchanting Kintamani region, precisely on Jl Raya Penelokan, Batur, this coffee haven offers an awe-inspiring panoramic view of Mount Batur and Mount Abang. The coffee selection is a tribute to Arabica specialty beans, showcasing their signature blends. Notably, their must-try Specialty Coffee Cold Brews ingeniously combine Indonesian-origin coffee with the unique flavors of Guava or Pineapple. This unparalleled coffee experience amidst such a breathtaking landscape invites you to savor exceptional coffee and embrace nature’s beauty in one remarkable setting.

Plant Bistro

Introducing Plant Bistro Bali, a refreshing addition to Ubud’s culinary scene that exclusively centers around plant-based delights. Nestled above the Blanco Museum, this restaurant embodies a harmonious blend of nature and nourishment. Distinguished by its commitment to health and sustainability, Plant Bistro Bali boasts an extensive array of plant-based dishes and beverages designed to elevate your well-being. From their invigorating coconut milk-infused coffee to a specially crafted plant-based “Nasi Campur” featuring an array of tantalizing elements, the menu resonates with vibrant flavors. Embrace a wholesome and vibrant dining experience in the heart of Ubud as Plant Bistro Bali redefines the art of nourishment with its bountiful plant-based offerings.

Twelve Urban Cafe

Nestled in the vibrant Canggu of Bali, Twelve Urban Cafe specializes in a unique offering – Mussels adorned with a range of delectable sauces, with options like the delectable Mussels with Sweet chili sauce. Freshness is vital, as these succulent mussels are harmoniously paired with 12 signature sauces, delivering a symphony of flavors. Twelve Bali beckons with its inviting, relaxed ambiance, seamlessly fusing Balinese influences with a casual tropical design. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, their menu showcases a curated selection of global culinary favorites. The main attraction, their specialty Mussels, served with an array of signature sauces, guarantees a satisfying gastronomic journey that’s truly unforgettable.

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