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Restaurant Radar: January Dining Destinations

Restaurant Radar: January Dining Destinations

Auli Cinantya
01 January 2024


This January, embark on a delectable journey across the dynamic culinary scenes of Jakarta and Bali, featuring a diverse array of gastronomic delights from trendy bars and cozy brunch places to fine dining establishments.


Embark on a culinary journey this January as Restaurant Radar unveils an array of thrilling new dining experiences. In Jakarta, a city that never fails to surprise with its gastronomic innovations, discover establishments led by renowned chefs, alongside some exciting ventures from the tropical paradise of Bali. Renowned mixologists are also making waves in the capital, offering unique libations to tantalize your taste buds.

Venturing to Bali, the culinary scene welcomes a host of new additions, ranging from vibrant beachside restaurants to innovative bars, each promising a distinct flavor of the island’s culinary diversity. Additionally, anticipate the much-anticipated arrival of a newly conceptualized restaurant that is poised to redefine Bali’s dining landscape. Join us as we explore these gastronomic hotspots that promise to make January a month to remember.


Baia Nonna

Located in Grand Indonesia, Baia Nonna emerges as the latest culinary gem under the umbrella of GF Culinary, renowned for introducing gastronomic delights such as Butler’s Steak and Skinny Dip. This sophisticated establishment unfolds a culinary narrative inspired by Peranakan heritage, seamlessly blending the richness of traditional Asian artistry with a touch of modern European elegance. The name itself, a poetic dance of “baya” (kebaya) and “nonna” (Peranakan Chinese woman), encapsulates the essence of this dining experience. 

Baia Nonna’s menu is a gastronomic voyage, featuring signature dishes like their renowned Laksa, a captivating tribute to Peranakan flavors, and the now-viral sensation, the Thousand Layer Toast. Embark on a culinary journey where East meets West, and tradition intertwines with contemporary flair, at the vibrant Baia Nonna.

Char by Amyrea

Char is a fresh addition to Jakarta’s culinary scene, offering a French-inspired dining experience. As the name suggests, the majority of the menu here undergoes a meticulous grilling process, promising an array of smoky flavors that ignite the palate. Guiding this culinary journey is Chef Arifin Setiawan, a seasoned professional with an impressive six-year tenure in some of France’s most prestigious hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants, including renowned establishments like Frenchie, Pierre Sang, Le Vieux Castillon, Molitor, and Jean-Francois Piege.

At Char, the ambiance echoes a modern rustic charm, setting the stage for a grill-centric experience. Chef Arifin’s expertise shines through in a diverse menu featuring delectable offerings like the Dry Aged Duck, a succulent Smoked Jerk Oxtail, the exquisite Lamb Chop, and an enticing array of culinary delights. Step into Char for a captivating blend of French culinary finesse and the aromatic allure of expertly grilled dishes.

Club Soda Jakarta

Following their successful stint in Bali, the masterminds behind the acclaimed Ubud Restaurant Locavore have expanded their horizons to Jakarta with the grand opening of Club Soda on January 10th. This newly launched craft cocktail bar in the heart of the capital promises a sensorial experience, intertwining innovative beverages, art installations, and an immersive soundscape.

In alignment with the Locavore philosophy, Club Soda distinguishes itself by offering a repertoire of inventive cocktails and non-alcoholic creations. The culinary aspect mirrors a celebration of Asian and Japanese small plates, each meticulously crafted with locally sourced Indonesian ingredients.

Explore a diverse range of libations, from original inventions to non-traditional mixes, thoughtfully paired with a menu categorized into Chill, Fire, and Kushiyaki & Yakitori. Immerse yourself in the essence of Club Soda — a haven for multisensory indulgence rooted in the spirit of local craftsmanship.

East Quarter

East Quarter, situated in Grand Indonesia, stands out as a distinguished Pan-Asian Cuisine restaurant under the esteemed TOMA Group. Offering an elevated take on conventional Pan-Asian dishes, each meticulously prepared dish boasts strong and bold flavors. For a delightful start, indulge in the Prawn Chicken Dumplings, a personal favorite. As for the main course, relish the zingy spicy soy miso-infused Wagyu beef short ribs or opt for the intriguing Beef Tikka Lasagna. East Quarter is a versatile dining destination suitable for any occasion, be it a business meeting or a family reunion, promising an exceptional culinary experience.

Franco Ristorante

Nestled in the newest compound at Bumi Pakubuwono, Franco Ristorante emerges as the freshest Italian culinary gem in South Jakarta. This gastronomic haven offers more than just a meal; it’s an immersive experience where the enchanting ambiance of nature intertwines seamlessly with the richness of Italian flavors. 

Culinary artisans at Franco Ristorante showcase their reverence for Italy’s gastronomic heritage, presenting a modern interpretation of classic dishes. The menu, a testament to their culinary prowess, unfolds a symphony of flavors and textures that captivate the senses. Whether indoors or outdoors, the cozy interior complements the delightful dishes. With distinct menus for lunch and dinner, Franco Ristorante promises an intriguing culinary journey worthy of revisits.

PNNY Bites Jakarta

PNNY Bites stands as a testament to boundless creativity, drawing inspiration from New York’s vibrant bodegas. Unafraid of bold visuals and vibrant colors, PNNY Bites brings a playful spirit to its culinary offerings. The diverse menu caters to various preferences, spanning from breakfast classics like Benedict and Scramble Egg to savory delights such as Tuna Melt, Super Grilled Cheese, Fish n Chips, and Swedish Meatballs. For those with a sweet tooth, options like French Toast, OG Cinnamon Rolls, and an array of cookies beckon. The menu’s eclectic range mirrors the dynamic energy of New York, providing a diverse and delightful experience for patrons.

Souvee Bistro

Nestled in Central Jakarta, Souvee Bistro, under the culinary guidance of Chef Will Clintan, offers an extensive all-day dining experience that seamlessly blends East and West cuisines. The menu stands out with its creative interpretation of multicultural flavors within Jakarta’s bustling heart. A standout dish is the Thai Coconut Glazed Beef Ribs, exemplifying the fusion of diverse culinary influences. Souvee Bistro strives to provide a culinary journey that transcends boundaries, promising patrons a unique and flavorful experience that reflects the vibrant multicultural tapestry of Jakarta.

Under The Armpit

Situated in Senopati, “Under the Armpit,” an experimental cocktail bar curated by seasoned bartender Imammudin Azzai, redefines mixology through a blend of lab-grade techniques and local ingredients. Azzai employs innovative methods to perfect Indonesian-inspired recipes, offering patrons an unpredictable array of cocktails both in appearance and flavor. One notable concoction is the Pletox, a celebrated take on the Indonesian classic Bir Pletok. This unique libation features Nitro Freeze Grape Gin, Smoked Galangal Gum, Magic Limo, Secang soda, and orange foam, showcasing the bar’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of mixological creativity.


Attiko Bali

Perched in Berawa, Attiko Bali stands as a dynamic rooftop lounge, presenting an infusion of Asian flavors against a backdrop of unparalleled sunset views. A haven for unforgettable moments, live DJs, and exquisite gastronomic delights, Attiko captivates with the conviviality of Asian cosmopolitan rooftop lounges. Whether indulging in high-end sunset drinks or relishing a captivating dinner with friends, Attiko seamlessly blends seduction with the vibrant charm of Bali.

Bastardo Bali

Nestled in Pererenan, Bastardo Bali emerges as a captivating addition, introducing an array of Asian-inspired delights to elevate your dining experience. Explore their brunch offerings featuring the delectable Hong Kong French Toast, a tri-layered soft brioche housing creamy peanut butter, and the enticing Asian Style Turkish Eggs. Transition into the evening, where Bastardo Bali continues to charm with their dinner menu, showcasing the Ossi Bucci—a play on Osso Bucco. This dish presents braised beef shank accompanied by polenta uduk, hoisin sauce, cucumber pickle, pea shoots, and a cinnamon stick, promising a symphony of flavors that linger on the palate. 

Locavore NXT

Following the closure of the renowned Locavore Restaurant, Locavore NXT emerges with a renewed concept while retaining its enduring passion. Representing the evolution of Locavore’s essence, NXT promises a creative dining experience, unwavering commitment to local ingredients, and continued food research and experimentation. This fresh venture invites patrons to not only savor culinary innovations but also partake in a culinary revolution. Locavore NXT beckons guests to sit down, relish their distinctive creations, and join them on a journey into a new dimension of culinary exploration.

Numero Quattro Echo Beach

Overlooking Echo Beach, Numero Quattro emerges as the latest addition to the culinary scene, featuring a stunning rooftop that promises unparalleled sunset views. This Italian restaurant invites patrons to indulge in a culinary celebration of Italian expertise, with a pronounced emphasis on pasta and premium meat cuts. Revel in the picturesque surroundings as you explore the carefully crafted menu, where each dish showcases the essence of Italian flavors. Whether you’re seeking a romantic dinner or a delightful meal with friends, Numero Quattro sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience against the backdrop of the mesmerizing Balinese sunset.

Onigiri by Uno

Nestled in Pererenan, Onigiri by Uno lives up to its name by delivering a swift taste of Japanese-inspired flavors. This eatery introduces a distinctive onigiri menu featuring creative options like Fish Furai (inspired by Filet-o-fish), classic Tuna Mayo, Omu Rice, and more. With an array of 20 diverse onigiri selections, patrons can easily order these delightful bites through convenient online delivery services. Whether you’re a fan of traditional Japanese cuisine or seeking a quick and flavorful bite, Onigiri by Uno offers a unique and accessible culinary experience in the heart of Pererenan.


Nestled within the AYANA Estate, Sumizen Bali introduces an unparalleled art of Japanese Yakiniku. Executive Chef Takumi Kimura, boasting decades of experience in leading Japanese hotels, leads the culinary journey. This exceptional dining experience revolves around the intricate art of yakiniku, where premium beef cuts are grilled using various charcoals, creating a symphony of distinctive flavors. Sumizen stands out with its selection of dry-aged and premium beef cuts, promising a celebration of the finest meats coupled with the expertise of a seasoned chef, making it a distinctive destination for connoisseurs of Japanese cuisine.

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