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Restaurant Radar: August’s Food Discoveries You Can’t-Miss

Restaurant Radar: August’s Food Discoveries You Can’t-Miss

Auli Cinantya
01 August 2023


Treat your taste buds to an exquisite culinary voyage across the vibrant cities of Jakarta and Bali.


Get ready to savor an enticing culinary expedition as we enter the month of August. Join us on a delectable journey through the bustling cities of Jakarta and Bali. Make sure to mark your calendars and add these exciting new dining spots to your must-visit list. Whether you’re a devoted food enthusiast or a seeker of unforgettable culinary experiences, these recently opened venues will gratify your taste buds and leave you yearning for more. Prepare yourself for an epicurean exploration as we present our Restaurant Radar, featuring the hottest new restaurants to discover this August.

August New Restaurants in Jakarta


Situated in the bustling Pecenongan area, ANEKA 57 offers a diverse menu of food and drinks, ranging from coffee, and pastries, to various snacks. This cozy coffee shop boasts proper coffee and delectable traditional snacks, accompanied by homemade bread from Chef Joscelyn Tan. The café’s concept revolves around providing great coffee and various enticing snacks. Their Kopi Aneka, a delightful combination of kopi susu (coffee with milk) and gula aren (palm sugar), is a creamy and enjoyable choice.

Aumont Kofie

Aumont Kofie, having already succeeded with its Bogor branch, is now expanding its presence in Jakarta. The new coffee haven is located at Asatu Arena, a venue that doubles as a sports facility, offering coffee enthusiasts a delightful experience with both indoor and outdoor seating options. One of their standout offerings is the signature nitro cold brew, elegantly packaged in a can, which impresses with its refreshing taste and distinct coffee flavor that isn’t overly acidic. To complement the coffee experience, Aumont Kofie also serves a selection of tasty snacks, including their lasagna, making it an enticing new option for coffee lovers in the heart of Cikini, Menteng, Central Jakarta.

Barra Restaurant & Bar Barra

Barra offers a unique culinary experience with a modern Japanese cuisine twist influenced by Nikkei flavors. The restaurant’s open kitchen on the second floor showcases the robata theatre, where warm robata-cooked plates are prepared for sharing. Grilled goodness takes center stage in their menu, featuring a variety of skewers, seafood like salmon steak glazed in miso gochujang, and star creations like MB7-grade wagyu striploin and US prime porterhouse. In addition to robata, the menu boasts other Japanese delicacies, including Nikkei-style sashimi, appetizers served in tapas-style portions, and à la minute iron pot rice, kamameshi. On the third floor, Bar Barra awaits, serving stunning cocktails and curated bottles, with enticing house mixes like Sakura G&T, Yuzu Apple, and Honey Ryokucha available in glasses and on tap.

Demore Jakarta

Initially an online business, Demore has recently opened its offline store in Kelapa Gading, welcoming customers to experience its delectable variety of food and drinks. The cafe’s impressive facade glows beautifully during sunset, while the modern contemporary interior exudes warmth with wooden accents. Demore’s menu features an array of specialty coffees, teas, mocktails, and more, but their best-selling Beef Floss Cake stands out – a soft cake topped generously with flavorful Beef Floss. In addition to their delightful cakes, Demore offers an enticing selection of pasta, sandwiches, burgers, chicken wings, rice bowls, and unique cake creations like klepon cake, floss cake, and nougat.

Dou Bakehaus

Located in Fatmawati, Dou Bakehaus is the newly established go-to brunch place that promises a delightful morning feast. Dou’s Favorite Brunch Menu features Croquette with Creamy Garlic Sauce, topped with Fried Enoki, alongside brunch classics like pancakes and French toast. But that’s not all – this pie house also offers intriguing pie selections, including the classic lemon meringue pie and various quiches.

Pici Pasta Bar & Ristorante

Pici Pasta Bar & Ristorante, prides itself on serving freshly hand-made pastas and homely Italian dishes crafted with the finest ingredients, celebrating authentic flavors of Italy in every meal. Situated on Cikatomas Street, this neighborhood pasta bar offers a diverse selection of freshly-made pastas, The menu presents a range of homemade pasta options, each carefully curated with unique shapes, sauces, and ingredients. From the rich and hearty Pici Bolognese with thick-shaped pasta to the nutty and basil-infused Pesto Pappardelle with flat, wide pasta, Pici Pasta Bar & Ristorante offers a delightful array of pasta dishes to satisfy any craving for authentic Italian flavors.

Shinkai Yakiniku Bar

Shinkai Private Dining offers an unforgettable A5 Wagyu experience with dishes like the Premium Miyazaki – Satsuma Gyu and Nigiri Wagyu A5, each served as a masterpiece with high quality and beautiful plating, promising an exceptional dining affair. Situated in the Pondok Pinang area, within the social hub triangle, the restaurant enjoys a discreet and exclusive location. Its classic Japanese design makes it easily recognizable, and the small and private interior provides an intimate dining atmosphere. The menu rotates every three months, ensuring a fresh and diverse culinary experience for guests to savor.

Tokyo Curry Club

Located in South Jakarta, Tokyo Curry Club brings the delightful flavors of Tokyo-style curry to Jakarta with their original recipe from Japan. Try one of their signature dishes, the Chicken Dry Curry. Unlike their usual thick soup-style curry, this variant is cooked with less liquid, allowing the rich flavors to infuse the chicken completely. Additionally, their Tokyo Beef Curry features aromatic tender beef and the fluffiest white rice simmered in their signature Japanese-style curry, making it the ultimate comfort food to energize your day.

August New Restaurants in Bali

Arwana Restaurant

Nestled on the beachfront with a breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean, Arwana Restaurant is set to unveil its brand-new concept today, curated to create a journey of discovery living out at sea. The menu showcases succulent grilled steaks, tender lamb chops, and a delightful array of seafood delights like fresh oysters, tantalizing guests with captivating aromas and flavors while they savor the soothing sound of ocean waves.

BELLA Restaurant

Located in the buzzing street of Berawa, Bella, effortlessly blends a laid-back New York feel with the vibrant tropical vibes of Canggu. From tasteful culinary creations to waist-full moves on the dance floor to the beats of live DJ music. Indulge in authentic Mediterranean recipes infused with Bali’s seasonal freshness, creating shared joy with every delectable bite. And for an extra touch of temptation, their scrumptious signature desserts are made right at your table.

Electric Eel Echo Beach

Electric Eel, a charming beach house restaurant in Canggu, Bali, exudes an irresistibly homey vintage vibe overlooking captivating surf at Echo Beach. Crafted by Bali favorites Tai “Buddha” Graham and Adam McAsey, the venue blends nostalgia and contemporary charm. The menu pays homage to classic comfort food, featuring grandma cakes, Egg & Ham, Ricotta pancakes, Iberico Coppa, Crumbed fish sandwiches, Chicken schnitzel, and beloved nostalgic desserts like Knickerbocker Glory and Pavlova, served on retro amber glass plates. 

Hippie Fish Bali

Nestled in the picturesque Pererenan Beach, Hippie Fish is a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant, rooftop, and bar offering a breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean. Offering some soul-filled Mediterranean-fusion cuisine, they boast their fresh selection of seafood, prepared thoughtfully with locally-sourced organic ingredients and from-scratch, home-cooked recipes. The menu draws inspiration from the classic Mediterranean diet, ensuring endless health benefits. Complement your experience with a fab selection of cocktails and drinks from their loungy yet vibrant bar, featuring Mediterranean-inspired concoctions with a Balinese twist. 

Pasir Bali

Discover a Mediterranean oasis in the heart of Ubud at Pasir Restaurant, located along the vibrant Monkey Forest eat street. Pasir Restaurant invites you to savor the essence of Bali’s beachfront charm amidst the enchanting ambiance of Ubud. Their culinary team passionately crafts vibrant Mediterranean flavors, sourcing fresh ingredients from local farms and the nearby ocean. Savor freshly caught fish seasoned with Kusamba sea salt and paired with vegetables from Ubud’s farms. Delight in octopus carpaccio and a tantalizing sharing portion of hanging tomahawk. Complete your experience with refreshing cocktails, transporting you to paradise.

Norii Japanese Restaurant

Norii is a yakitori bar in Ubud that seamlessly blends traditional grilling techniques with a contemporary dining experience. At the bar, you can witness the skilled chefs grilling and basting your meal in an open kitchen while mixologists create personalized cocktails and mocktails right by your table. The menu offers a variety of delectable yakitori dishes, including Wagyu beef, salmon skewers, grilled corn furikake, and baby romaine. Surrounded by untouched nature, traditional arts, and cultural elements in Ubud, Norii provides a distinctive culinary experience that goes beyond delightful dishes, bringing people together for fun and genuine Japanese cuisine with a modern twist.

TERÉ Seminyak

Led by Chef Stefan, TERÉ Seminyak offers a captivating culinary enchantment with over 20 years of expertise reflected in their signature creations. Inspired by Bali’s rich diversity, creative spirit, and exceptional natural resources, their unique fusion of flavors will tantalize your taste buds. TERÉ’s menu boasts delightful dishes, including Surf & Turf Toasties featuring miso toast, grilled unagi, edamame, beef tartare & Iberico ham, Octopus with grilled octopus, creamy polenta, tomatillo salsa, Balinese sausage, and ember-braised kohlrabi, and Lamb featuring homemade tagliatelle, lamb shank, and bone marrow.

The Avocado Factory

The Avocado Factory Canggu, nestled amidst the serene rice fields of Canggu, is a unique lifestyle destination that celebrates the love for avocados and offers an extraordinary culinary experience. As the first avocado bar in South East Asia, every dish on the menu features avocado in various unique creations. From classic avocado dishes to innovative tropical fusions, indulge in the avocado Eggs Benedict, Viva Las Vegas, Poke Bowl, and the mind-blowing Avo King Burger, all crafted with love from the most sustainable ingredients. With the expertise of group Executive Chef Andrea, a former Master Chef Italy finalist, the restaurant elevates avocado to new heights, creating a memorable dining experience amidst the beautiful natural surroundings.

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