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FoodieS Pick: Spread Your Blessing with These Ramadan Hampers

FoodieS Pick: Spread Your Blessing with These Ramadan Hampers

FoodieS Team
30 March 2023


Express your love and appreciation this Ramadan with these curated, unique gift hampers.


One of the most cherished traditions of Ramadan is the act of giving. People often show their appreciation to loved ones by exchanging gifts during this holy month. It’s a beautiful way to spread happiness and gratitude, fostering community and togetherness.

In this article, we have carefully selected some beautiful and unique gift hampers to make perfect Ramadan presents. Whether it’s for your family, friends, or colleagues, these gifts are an excellent way to express your love and appreciation during this special time.

So why not look and see if you can find the perfect gift to celebrate this joyous occasion?

Hampers for Ramadan 2023

Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta

Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta has announced the launch of their highly-anticipated holiday hampers. The Sa’id cookie hamper features a selection of three jars of assorted cookies. For those with larger families or groups to cater to, the Mabrook hamper offers five jars of assorted cookies.

For those who want to indulge in more than just cookies, the Thannina hamper includes cookies, chocolate, tea, jam, and a Moroccan mocktail. The Shukran hamper takes it a step further, adding honey and a travel cake to the mix.
For the ultimate gift, the Tabrikatuna hamper offers an assortment of cookies, chocolate, tea, jam, Moroccan mocktail, honey, travel cake, macaroons, and lapis legit.

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Raffles Jakarta

Raffles Jakarta, in keeping with its dedication to artistry and local craftsmanship, has created a collection of exclusive Ramadan hampers in collaboration with Buttonscarves.

These two limited-edition Ramadan hampers are filled with some of Raffles Jakarta’s finest and favorite creations, such as Pandan Nastar, Kastengel, Candied Oranges and Stuffed Chocolate Dates, Premium Lapis Legit, and a Ramadan-inspired Chocolate Truffle. Additional add-ons, such as Macarons and Chocolate Pralines.

Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta

Embrace the holy month of Ramadan by spreading joy to your family and colleagues with delectable and elegant hampers filled with the finest festive treats, featuring nastar, dates cookies, cheesy parsley, and many more, to be shared during the Eid Mubarak blessings. With three types of enticing hampers: Kareem (inclusive of four festive treats), Eid (inclusive of six festive treats), Mubarak (inclusive of 10 festive treats), Starting from IDR 688,000 nett.

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InterContinental Jakarta Pondok Indah

The renowned Rinaldy Yunardi – whose sensational creations have been worn by international megastars such as Lady Gaga, Madonna, and many more – is releasing the third and final version of the limited edition luxury gifts trilogy, exclusively for the hotel called the ‘Royale Hamper’.

Only 30 treasure chests will be available for this year’s Ramadhan and Idul Fitri versions. Each of these treasure chests will also include delicious premium treats such as chocolate-dipped Medjol dates, three selections of artisanal cakes, and many more.

In addition to the limited-edition Royale Hampers, InterContinental Jakarta Pondok Indah also has other selections, such as the Diamond Hamper, and the Platinum Hamper.

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Breeaking Bread

Different from other Nastar, Breaking Bread presents Salted Egg Nastar which will be back in the Hampers 2023 series. The savory taste of salted egg combined with sweet pineapple jam is a unique way to enjoy Nastar. There are two types of hampers, namely the Zainal Package and the Rizki Package, with prices starting from IDR 180,000.

DoubleTree by Hilton Jakarta – Diponegoro

Spread happiness with loved ones and bring them closer with Ramadan Hamper. Featuring favorite local treats, including Nastar, Kastengel, Almond Cookies, and a special jar of honey-covered dates, this bundle of delights is the perfect heartfelt gift to share. Exclusive room or buffet vouchers are also available to add and elevate the package.

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Exquise Patisserie

This year, Exquise Patisserie provides special red and blue-themed hampers inspired by the Tumbilotohe Festival in Gorontalo. This artisan cake shop presents premium boxes by bringing the elegance of Persian carpet design to the packaging. There are various choices of cookies, various cakes, croissants, to packages that provide prayer rugs. Prices for these hampers start from IDR 300,000 and for cakes start from IDR 220,000

Harper & Cordon

Welcoming Eid al-Fitr, Harper & Cordon also provides a series of special hampers. Starting from the basic consisting of Cookies and Puffs to the most complete hampers with various packages which are in a wooden woven box, such as nuts, honey, and syrup, and also interesting merchandise. Hamper prices here start from IDR 196,000 to IDR 3,958,020.

LIT Bakehouse

This Ramadan, LIT Bakehouse is taking things up a notch with limited edition packaging available in two sizes, perfect for gifting to loved ones during the holy month. The packaging is designed to evoke the season’s spirit, featuring a minimalistic design and a classic green color. Customers can choose from a wide range of pastries and treats in their Ramadan gift boxes, each made with the same attention to detail and dedication to flavor that Lalita is known for.

For those looking to try something new and exciting this Ramadan, LIT Bakehouse also offers a special menu item – the Twice Baked Klepon. This innovative twist on a classic Indonesian dessert features a crispy exterior and a soft interior, filled with Gula Aren Frangipane, Pandan Custard, and Gula Aren Reduction, topped with Coconut Flakes and Gula Aren icing. 

Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta

Presented in fashionably sustainable rattan bags, which are ethically sourced from a local community in Cirebon, West Java, Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta’s Ramadan Exclusive Gifts come in two sizes: the Akbar Treasure Box and the Asghar Picnic Bag.

Priced at IDR 1,688,000 net, the Akbar Treasure Box includes the all-time favorites: Nastar, Kastengel, Pandan Sable, Spicy Cashew Nuts, Chocolate Butter Cookies, 150gr Raw Honey, and a Batik Scarf, all carefully packed inside a sustainable rattan bag adorned with an Exclusive MO Luggage Tag.

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Inspired by the mesmerizing design of the Mosque in Istanbul, Türkiye. Namelaka launched the Hampers EID 2023 collection complete with hard boxes and ornaments with the creation of this magnificent mosque. Your Eid Al-Fitr will be even more special with various Premium Cookies, Premium Butter Nastar (Jumbo), Signature soft cookies, and Artisan tea by Havilla Gourmet Tea. You can also order the Hampers Choux Package which consists of 9 and 16 choux. They also provide the Medina Package, a homemade cake with a refreshing tropical taste.

Park Hyatt Jakarta

Experience the joy of giving this holy month of Ramadan or Eid Ul-Fitr with Park Hyatt Jakarta’s handcrafted hampers. The elegant hampers, curated with the finest ingredients, offer a selection of delightful treats that are perfect for sharing with your loved ones.

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Rumah Juliet

Rumah Juliet provides a variety of cake menus for you who want to send hampers to your vegan family or friends. This vegan bakery serves special Ramadan and Eid menus such as one layer Vanilla/ Pandan cake, Mini Chiffon Package, Pandan Malaka Donut, and Luscious Pandan Pie. All cakes here are guaranteed to be vegan-friendly, and hampers prices start from IDR 70,000 – IDR 260,000.

Shangri-la Jakarta

Share your thoughtful gestures with our gorgeous Ramadan hampers presented in warm Saharan shades of white. The hampers come in Regular and Premium options, featuring various treats such as Khalida Hampers, Karima Hampers, Nada Hampers, Najwa Hampers, Nahla Hampers, Saeda Hampers, Safaa Hampers, Fadwa Hampers, and Faiza Hampers, with prices ranging from IDR 850,000+ to IDR 3,700,000+.

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Scarlett's Cake

If you want to give unusual hampers, you can gift macarons on Eid Al-Fitr. Scarlett’s cake serves RAMADAN FATCARONS EDITION, macarons with various unique flavors such as Klepon, Talam Srikaya Cake, Salak Seeds, and many more. standard packaging with 6 pcs macarons are available, priced at IDR 195,000, and Ramadan packaging with 9 pcs macarons, priced at IDR 295,000

The St. Regis Jakarta

The St. Regis Jakarta has also collaborated with the legendary Batik designer, Iwan Tirta, in presenting the exclusively designed hampers adorned with Batik shawl, which include The St. Regis Jakarta’s signature Ramadan cookies as the perfect gifts to share with loved ones. Inspired by the exclusive cushion collection designed for the hotel, the Batik pattern of Kembang Anyar symbolizes the beauty of life and is commonly found in European, Japanese, and Chinese-influenced Batik, developed on the North Coast of Java. The Ramadan hampers are available starting from IDR1,850,000++

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The Hermitage Jakarta

Share the blessings of Ramadan with beautiful Peranakan hampers, available in three options. The Andien Hamper, inspired by a mosque’s dome shape, will include Scarf of The Hermitage Jakarta and Andien Aisyah along with Golden Pineapple Nastar, Kaasstengels, Cheese Sago, Chocolate Cookies, and many more. The other option, The Aisyah hamper, includes various all-time Ramadan favorite cookies, consisting of Golden Pineapple Nastar and Kaasstengels. Lastly, the Dates Hamper will consist of twenty pieces of premium dates dipped in white, milk, and dark chocolate.

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UNION Jakarta

Celebrate Eid Fitr, Union Jakarta presents Ramadan Hamper, an exclusive hamper, and seasonal cake. Inspired by the popular Peranakan treat, this bakery created Kue Pulut Cake with sticky rice marbled with butterfly pea cream, Pandan Srikaya, and Coconut chips. To accompany it, there are two jars of special Chocolate Pudding. Besides that, there are also the green Klepon Donut and the pink Cocopandan donut as your choice of hampers. This special combo starts from IDR 145,000.

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