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Ombé Kofie Senopati Serves as A Sanctuary For The Busy Body

Ombé Kofie Senopati Serves as A Sanctuary For The Busy Body

Auli Cinantya
06 July 2022


The well-known coffee brand arrives in the bustling business district, offering warm and comforting drinks and delicacies.


Work, coffee, and repeat, Ombé Kofie Senopati depict it very well. The new branch is busy with life and is packed from weekdays until weekends. From opening to closing, the staff is greeted by a steady stream of crowds. You can see executives from the nearby business district having a casual meeting, some even look preoccupied working on their laptops, and a few ladies having a lively discussion; this place can cater to all. 

Upon entering, you will be greeted by the sight of the barista in action and the energizing aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Located at the center of the area, the barista area is divided into three different spaces, the barista, the mixologist for their fizzy mocktails, and the bread station where Onbbit Toast display their famous pastries and delicacies. 

From snacks to heavy meals, Ombé Kofie Senopati is ready to serve you the best of what they have to offer. From the mouth-watering all-day breakfast selections to their favorite coffee products, as a long-time standing and very well-known branch, Ombe Kofie patrons usually have their regular order.

But for this sweltering afternoon (and after a long day of walking around the business district), refreshing drinks and some bite of sweetness are all I need. Usually, I would immediately order Onbbit’s famous Cream and Strawberry Jam toast. Still, alas, like they said, “the early bird gets the worm” since it’s already far in the afternoon, it is already sold out. 

So there I am, founding myself standing beside the cashier, contemplating what to get; as I was not in the mood for some heavy meals, light bites and coffee is a perfect combination. Especially in the afternoon, when the time before the sun set and people are more laid back, waiting for the time to clock off goes ticking. 

The urge to order all the sweets paired with the pleasant bitterness taste of coffee is always tempting. After a few contemplations, I selected some refreshing drinks to fight Jakarta’s heat.

The Hanami Latte it’s a classic latte with a hint of rose syrup. Hanami, in Japanese, means “flower viewing,” and just like its name, you will feel like traveling to a field of flowers. As the flowery scents and coffee blends together, the drinks offer a perfect wake-up call, especially for those who like sweet and prefer their coffee on the light side. 

But if you are not a coffee person, fret not; their Orange Yuzu drink offers a blend of sweet and tangy that will wake up your senses. The tangy and sweet combination looks Instagramable and a delight to your flavor buds.

As we Indonesian have the term jajan sore, I ended up choosing Onbbit’s mushroom quiche for our afternoon snack. Thick quiche with mushroom and smoked beef and cheese, the thick crust is moist and crumbly, a texture bomb with the smooth, silky quiche texture.

As they said, your meal won’t be complete without having some sweets. Therefore, we pick the nostalgia-pressed toast, and the first bite will take you back in time. We chose the Chocolate flavor, and the taste reminds me of the nostalgic toast my parents would pack me for lunch when you were a kid, except for the crunchy exterior from the pressed. The toast is filled with a generous dose of chocolate spread. I think this can be the perfect companion for a classic Americano, a blend of deep flavourful coffee accompanied by a touch of nostalgic sweetness. 

As the time passed and my tummy has been filled, Joji’s sanctuary played in the background, making everything feel like it had slowed down. In my humble opinion, Ombé Kofie Senopati can be your new sanctuary, whether for work, meetings, or to hang out with friends. A place where you can lay back and enjoy their warm and comforting delicacies and drinks amid the bustling business district.

Ombé Kofie Senopati

Jl. Purnawarman No.2, RW.2, Selong, Kec. Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12120


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