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Special Treats for Valentine’s Day
(That Aren’t Chocolate!)

Special Treats for Valentine’s Day
(That Aren’t Chocolate!)

Danti Tarigan
10 February 2023


Switch things up this Valentine's day with some of these non-chocolate treats!


With February 14th swiftly approaching, the frantic search for a gift to best shows your love is at a fever pitch. As we all know, chocolate has long reigned supreme in the Valentine’s edible gift category, becoming the sweet symbol of love and romance. However, if you’re thinking of other options aside from chocolate, we have selected a variety of heartwarming treats that will surely melt your significant other’s heart.

Our Pick of Non-Chocolate Valentine's Treats

Cupcakes by Warm Hour

Opened in the early pandemic days of 2020, Warm Hour has attracted a lot of attention since, with its intricate yet somehow delicate designs. The handwriting and paint strokes technique makes the Warm Hour cakes look more like art than sweets. Besides custom ones, Warm Hour currently offers chocolate Valentine cupcakes with strawberry jam to celebrate the love this Valentine’s. Each cupcake is decored by hand with the romantic imagery of roses, sunflowers, red hearts, and pink ornaments. With IDR 195,000, you will get a box of four and guaranteed awe from your loved one.

‘Be My OG?’ Cookies by Dough Lab Artisanal Cookies

If you’re just getting to know the person or still early in the relationship, this very straightforward yet delicious gift will save you from playing a guessing game. The Dough Lab Artisanal‘s OG Cookies are chewy chocolate chip cookies made with simple yet premium ingredients of flour, pure butter, brown sugar, eggs, chocolate chips, and sea salt. Only on this Valentine’s day, this warm classic is made extra special with the heart shape and the “Be My OG?” tin packaging. Be sure to pre-order them before the d-day, as the love tins are limited only on Valentine’s Day.

Assortments Cookies by Nakayoshi Sweets

Go old school with this lovely tin of shortbread cookies for a gift! But of course, it’s not just regular plain shortbread cookies. The cookies are cut and shaped into cute classic cartoon characters with detailed design tins to match the inside. In this Bandung online bakery, Nakayoshi Sweets, you can choose between Ghibli’s Totoro My Neighbor, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and many more options to make it unique to your partner’s favorite. The lovely present will demonstrate your thoughtfulness while also providing tasty sweets to munch on a romantic day.

Grocery Date from Soogah

The Surabaya baker, Soogah, encapsulates the  Valentine’s Day spirit with the simple pleasure of grocery shopping together. All the desserts are dressed as grocery items, like in ‘The Grocery Date’ basket, where the Daifuku Mochi is packaged in tortellini sleeves. There is also Sliced Cheesecake for the cheese, while the Lemon Curd and Lotus Cake in Jars mimic the jarred sauce. The other bundle, ‘Sunday With You’, is filled with Tokyo Banana Roll ‘Sushi’ as well as the Lotus Cake jar. Both packages will arrive alongside beautiful bouquets from Les Fleur Flower Design and greeting cards.

Cherry Bomb Cake from Dulcet Patisserie

Delivering cakes to everyone’s doorsteps since 2012, Dulcet Patisserie certainly has every kind of cake for every occasion. Birthday, Sunday brunch, anniversary… in Dulcet Patisserie’s world, any day can use a slice of cake. And for the love birds in Valentine,  there’s the new Cherry Bomb Cake! The cake is layered with chocolate sponge cake, dark chocolate pastry cream, black cherry jam, and red cherry mascarpone cream. With an all-pink look and extraordinary flavor, present this to your Valentine and watch how they fall head over heels for this beauty! (and hopefully, you).

Honest Spoon’s Special Ice Cream Flavors

Ice cream is a sure way to put a smile on somebody’s face! So, the beloved Jakarta ice cream parlor, Honest Spoon, continues to cook creative new flavors in their lab. For this special love month, you can scoop up a pint of the two new, limited flavors to give to your loved ones. Both have the same pink hue; the sweet Strawberry Fields combines strawberry milk ice cream swirled with strawberry sorbet, while the other is for the more sophisticated palate, a lavish mix of Ruby chocolate ice cream with pistachio praline called ‘Ruby Pistachio Praline.’

The Rosé Wine by Plaga Wine

The Valentine’s Day dinner table won’t be completed without a pour of the magic elixir, wine. For Indonesians, now is an exciting time to impress your partner with a fine bottle of local wine. Local wineries now offer a wide range of selections, catering to various tastes and budgets, including Bali-based Plaga Wine. Plaga’s wine is light, tropical, and playful, and the Rosé Wine especially fits Valentine’s Day with its fragrant aroma of candy. For an extra special treat, order the limited Plaga Wine x SoupNFilm bundle! Among other items, you will find one bottle of Plaga Wine (random variants) and a single-use film camera to capture the unforgettable day.

Cheese Sampler Pack by Rosalie

Rosalie’s products are no ordinary cheese. The Bali-based fromagerie is a woman-dominated team producing natural Indonesian cheeses using traditional techniques and local milk, which has a unique flavor affected by the varied climate and environment. For a more thorough experience, try the Cheese Sampler Pack! It is filled with five types of unique cheeses and its getup; including tropical preserve of jam and honey, charcoal crackers, cheese board, chocolate-cheese cookies, and a beautiful handmade bag. For IDR 320,000 per pack, you can bring the basket on Valentine’s picnic or ignite the special home-cooked dinner with a cheese pairing journey together (pairing guide provided!).

Rose Pizza from Pizza Hut

What’s the best kind of flowers you can give to someone? The one they can eat. Although most people associate Valentine’s Day with a dessert-fueled holiday, with this gift, you can express affection in a very unique way! The newest Pizza Hut invention, the Rose Pizza, is a rolled pizza dough stuffed with Beef Pepperoni, Cheese Sauce, and Parmesan Cheese shaped like a rose. You can also pair the Rose Pizza with their Heart-shaped Pizza for a full laid-back romantic dinner!

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