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Travel The Globe Through Coffee and Cuisine with Nespresso’s New World Explorations Range

Travel The Globe Through Coffee and Cuisine with Nespresso’s New World Explorations Range

FoodieS Team
30 May 2022


Nespresso collaborates with MDA Group Restaurants to create special menu from Nespresso World Explorations range and to discover diverse coffee tastes from around the globe.


Coffee lovers eager to discover the diverse coffee tastes of the world can now enjoy the newest collection from Nespresso World Explorations. Through the World Explorations range, Nespresso invites you to discover distinct ways to drink coffee from around the world at the touch of a button within your own home. The range is inspired by the diversity of local coffee cultures and rituals, and we have put our expertise in blending and roasting into action to recreate local coffee profiles from across the globe. 

The launches include four new additions – World Explorations Paris Espresso, World Explorations Istanbul Espresso, World Explorations Miami Espresso (limited edition), and World Explorations Rio de Janeiro Espresso – our popular Cafezinho do Brasil, which is usually offered as a limited edition but will now be available permanently as the World Explorations Rio de Janeiro Espresso.

World Explorations Istanbul Espresso
Taking you back to traditional Turkish coffeehouses, this intense ambrosial brew bursts with boldness, wild ripe fruits, and a delicate almond touch. Like traditional Turkish coffee, Ethiopian Arabica and Indian Robusta bring a thick and velvety style, reminding us of the city once at a crossroads on the ancient coffee trade routes.

World Explorations Paris Espresso
With its rich café culture where locals enjoy philosophising over a coffee, Paris Espresso transports you straight to the Parisian terraces with its balanced blend of lightly roasted Latin American Arabicas, emboldened by Vietnamese Robusta. Delicately bitter with cereal and citrus notes, this is a cup that lives up to the Parisian café experience. 

World Explorations Rio de Janeiro Espresso
Embodying the spirit of this lively, colourful city, Rio de Janeiro Espresso reflects the country’s deep- rooted heritage of coffee growing and drinking. This is an intense, exotic and velvety espresso, crafted exclusively with Brazilian Arabicas, boasting a unique touch of sandalwood, along with herbal notes.

World Explorations Miami Espresso
Shaped by many cultural influences, Miami is a melting pot of traditions, where drinking coffee is a social affair – a way to celebrate life. This coffee embraces the boldness and vibrancy of Hispanic coffee’s influence. The intense roasting of Latin American and Caribbean coffees unveils a dark crema that crowns the cereal, peppery and tobacco leaf aromas. Elevate your coffee moments with machine and accessories

To celebrate the launch of the new World Explorations range, Nespresso collaborates with chef from Wabi-Sabi and Carbón restaurant at Jakarta to create a special menu made from the World Explorations range capsules to complete the coffee experience whilst taking a sip from the World Explorations coffee. Chef Andri Dionysius, who is the mastermind behind the MDA restaurants, creates four special menus from the Nespresso World Explorations coffee capsules. All of the menu are specially made with coffees from the World Explorations range and is a perfect complementary menu to be enjoyed with the coffee. 

To complete the omakase experience at Wabi-Sabi restaurant, Chef Andri creates a special menu for the fourth course with Nespresso Istanbul Espresso. The Nespresso & Karubi is a slow cooked short rib, burnt onion puree, with Nespresso Istanbul Espresso teriyaki glaze. To end the omakase with a delight, a happy ending dessert is served in a form of Matcha Lava, a molten center bitter matcha cake, served with Nespresso Rio de Janeiro Espresso ice cream and milk foam. 

On the western palate, chef Andri creates two special Nespresso menus for Carbón Restaurant. The first one is a classic short US Prime Short Rib steak, using Nespresso Miami, chocolate & stout mole sauce, served with roasted carrot, pickled onion & rockette. For the dessert, chef Andri makes the classic spanish dessert with a twist. Chuddos is a churros x donuts, with cinnamon sugar, Nespresso Paris & spiced chocolate affogato, and goat milk dulce de leche. The Nespresso World Explorations coffee range and accessories are available online and at Nespresso Boutiques and the special menu is available from 19 April – 19 June 2022.

Wabi-Sabi & Carbón Restaurant

MD Place. Jl. Setiabudi Selatan no 7, South Jakarta

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