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My 2022 Favorite Dine Out Destinations

My 2022 Favorite Dine Out Destinations

Nisya Kunto
19 January 2023


From hidden noodle shops to lavish Japanese restaurants, 2022 had no shortage of delicious and exciting dining destinations.


As we have come to 2023, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the best dining experiences of 2022. From hidden noodle shops to lavish Japanese restaurants, 2022 had no shortage of delicious and exciting dining destinations.

Whether you’re a food enthusiast or just looking for a great meal, join us as we take a look back at some of the top dining spots of the year. From humble beginnings to sumptuous feasts, let’s explore the diverse and flavorful world of dining in 2022.

Our Favorite Place in 2022

Azu Sushi, Sanur

Tucked in a residential area in Sanur, Azu Sushi is an Edomae-style omakase situated in the backyard of a house. Their dining area has a certain Ghibli-esque charm about it, and I was greeted by the lovely host, Ibu Tami, a Japanese artist whose drawings and paintings decorated the outdoor space of the restaurant. 

I opted for their Houzuki Course, and the hour-long dinner included a ten-course omakase meal, including appetizer, sashimi, grill, chawanmushi, sushi nigiri, sashimi roll, miso soup, and dessert. Azu Sushi prides itself with its selection of fresh ingredients, and each dish is a colourful parade on a plate, prepared and crafted skilfully – letting the freshness of the ingredients speak for itself. One of the dishes I enjoyed was the fresh grouper paired with Yuan sauce. You could taste the sweet freshness of the fish and it paired perfectly with the tanginess of the sauce. 

Though you couldn’t entirely see the preparation process in the kitchen, I was entertained by the warm interaction with Ibu Tami and the occasional appearance of their enthusiastic dog. I came with little information on what to expect, but I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner nonetheless – humble and unassuming, Azu Sushi delivered more than I expected.

Babi Pan 88

I first came across Babi Pan Pan 88 in 2020 – serendipitously – during a rainy night in downtown Yogyakarta back in 2020. I was heading to another restaurant which turned out to be closed, and decided to visit a random streetside eatery I passed on the way. That simple late night grub imprinted on my memory a few years ago, and I only had a chance to revisit them in 2022. 

The outlet I visited that night has since closed, and now they only operate in a shop in the northern part of Yogyakarta. Babi Pan Pan 88 serves no-nonsense Kalimantan-style nasi babi, with several styles of pork served in a plate accompanied by a serving of hainan rice. On the plate, is a mix of babi panggang, babi merah, babi kecap, bacon, and a bowl of hot sayur asin. 

It’s undoubtedly a simple dish, but what made this an unforgettable meal was the balance of sweet, sour, and savoury flavour, as well as the textures from each pork dish. Add on a dash of their house-made sambal, and it give an added kick of spiciness. I made multiple trips to Pan Pan during my week in Yogyakarta, and it’s safe to say that it’s made its way to my best 2022 eats.

Fu Shou Noodle Club, Ubud

It’s a shared memory for most Indonesian kids that we went swimming with a lunch box filled with Indomie goreng, packed by our parents. By the time we’re done at the pool, cold and hungry, the Indomie would already be cold and would take on the  shape of the lunchbox, but we would eat it anyway. It’s such a common childhood experience, and the oddly shaped dish is something that punctuates a collective memory. 

I was in Ubud late last year, and was just going out of the pool when I realised hunger pangs tugging. Taking a short break from the afternoon swim, I longed for something familiar with my Jakarta tastebuds and came across a restaurant I’ve wanted to visit, yet haven’t had the chance to: Fu Shou Noodle Club. I picked their Bakmi Karet with a topping of chicken, charsiu pork, roasted pork belly, and fried meatballs. A safe bet, and one I hope can relieve me from looming hunger.

The dish arrived just in time as I was finishing up my swimming session. Feeling the piping hot dish against the cardboard packaging, I couldn’t wait to inhale all of it. The dish was devoured in no time, and I savoured every last bite of the Bakmi Karet. The greasy goodness is everything I could ever hope for, the perfect afternoon treat to warm me up. It may not be the Indomie of our childhood, but it’s a new memory that crept into my list of best dining experiences in 2022.

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