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MILKLAB Coffee Run and MILKLAB Oat Float Introduce a New Way to Enjoy Plant-Based Milk

MILKLAB Coffee Run and MILKLAB Oat Float Introduce a New Way to Enjoy Plant-Based Milk

FoodieS Team
07 February 2023


MILKLAB Coffee Run and Oat Float invites you to experience an exclusive pop-up from February 4-12 in Jakarta and Bali and discover the unique flavors of MILKLAB.


Get ready to experience the brewtiful blend of espresso coffee and MILKLAB vegetable milk! Present in a pop-up and exclusively on February 4-12 in Jakarta and Bali, MILKLAB Oat Float invites coffee lovers in Indonesia with fresh coffee brewed using MILKLAB Oat Milk, made from one hundred percent Australian oats. MILKLAB Oat Milk is one of the best alternatives to cow’s milk, with a rich and soft taste in the mouth and high performance like dairy milk in general.

In addition, MILKLAB Coffee Run also offers 1-for-1 beverages promotions from 1 February to 20 March 2023 through partnerships with well-known cafes in Jakarta such as Vows Coffee, Robinson Australian – Japanese Restaurant & Dry Bar, Milou Farm House, Toko Classic Coffee, Symmetry Home Coffee Roaster, Dante Coffee, and Roze Garden. For the island of Bali, partnerships are available at well-known cafes such as Mitos Coffee, Bull’s Coffee Uluwatu 1, 2, Canggu and Jembrana, The Crafe, and Coffee Cutters Seminyak to strengthen MILKLAB’s position as the top choice for baristas and coffee drinkers globally.

Known as the number 1 choice of plant-based milk in Australian cafes, MILKLAB offers a wide variety of dairy-free milk, such as Almond, Oat, Soy, Coconut, and Macadamia suit a variety of tastes and dietary requirements. With its vision to provide coffee consumers in Indonesia with a premium coffee-drinking experience, MILKLAB’s product range is ready to complement the taste of espresso coffee with an unrivaled taste from other kinds of milk, dairy, and non-dairy.

Founded in 2015 as an exclusive range of alternative milk in food service, the brand was initially developed to be a provider to the hospitality industry, particularly in the coffee realm, by offering premium milk that would elevate customers’ coffee experience. MILKLAB then developed and focused on bringing innovation to create delicious and inclusive milk for all connoisseurs to enhance the ‘coffee’ experience, which is now increasingly popular with a broad audience in Australia and worldwide.

Talking about MILKLAB’s efforts to introduce itself to the Indonesian market through The MILKLAB Coffee Run and MILKLAB Oat Float. “With an increasing number of consumers around the world who want to switch from regular milk to plant-based milk, I believe MILKLAB can change the market game and become a solution for baristas, retailers and distributors, coffee business owners, and coffee lovers to enjoy our delicious oat milk while reaping its health benefits,” explained Peter Brown, Sales Director – Asia & Africa. 

“Our main goal is to give everyone a great coffee experience. We want to show them that plant-based milk has what it takes to take the regular cup of coffee to the next level,” he added.

The MILKLAB Coffee Run - A ColLABoration with the Finest Cafe in Indonesia

Collaboration with world-renowned baristas, cafe owners, food scientists, coffee roasters, and other industry professionals has made MILKLAB the number 1 plant-based milk in Australia, with as many as 62% of cafes using its products. In addition, MILKLAB’s almond milk has also become the number 1 plant-based milk in Australia for blending coffee.

Partnering with leading cafes in Indonesia, in addition to enhancing the experience of drinking dairy-free coffee for customers, MILKLAB also presents exclusive 1-for-1 beverage promotions. Customers can easily purchase vouchers through the Chope application and exchange them at participating cafes.

MILKLAB Oat Float - Enjoy 'OATsome Freshly Brewed Coffee' with MILKLAB Oat Milk

From 4-12 February 2023, Indonesian coffee connoisseurs can experience the perfect blend of espresso coffee and MILKLAB oat milk at the pop-up event, MILKLAB Oat Float – with an alluring aroma and delicate taste, coffee enthusiasts will not hesitate to visit again!

For those who want to taste a cup of not-so-ordinary cup of joe, please visit MILKLAB Oat Float, which is available at:

● PIK Pantjoran, 4-6 February 2023
● Plaza Festival, 7 February 2023
● The Breeze BSD City, 8-12 February 2023

● Batu Bolong Canggu, 4-5 February 2023
● Sanur Penida Harbor (Sunrise Park), 6-7 February 2023
● Food Court Dewi Sri, 8 February 2023
● Kedonganan Food Centre, 9-10 February 2023
● Double Six Beach, 11-12 February 2023

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