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Medan Dessert Week Is Coming This May

Medan Dessert Week Is Coming This May

FoodieS Team
13 April 2023


Presented by Jakarta Dessert Week, Medan Dessert Week will be coming this May to indulge North Sumatra’s sweet tooth and dessert enthusiast.


After successfully attracting the attention of culinary lovers in Jakarta, Jakarta Dessert Week (JDW) is spreading its wings outside Jakarta for the first time in North Sumatera at Medan Dessert Week (MDW) from 18 May – 4 June 2023. Maintaining the same quality as Jakarta, Medan Dessert Week also follows a curatorial process on restaurants, cafes, and patisseries that are considered to have good dessert narratives. 

As an extension of JDW, MDW is a creative platform created at the initiative of its founders, namely Gupta Sitorus, Talita Setyadi, Primo Rizky, Kevindra Soemantri, and Tria Nuragustina. During the press conference at TS Cafe by Talaga Sampireun Menteng, the organizer partner, the team also introduced Albert Arden, an activist in the creative economy industry in Medan. “The local talents are full of potential. We want Medan to be known not just for its traditional cakes but also for its modern desserts,” said Albert. “Fine patisserie has been around for a long time in Medan. Even before I went to culinary school in 2010, Harper and Cordon had been opened in Medan. Now the two patisseries from Medan, Harper and Cordon and  La Maison Patisserie, have both entered the Jakarta market. So, MDW should be a way to connect players in the industry across cities and, in the future, shape the dessert scene in Indonesia,” said Talita, one of the founders of JDW, who is also the founder of BEAU Bakery.

Limited Edition Menu

JDW is the pioneer as well as the only dessert festival in Indonesia that is held every year. The year carries a certain theme that underlies the limited edition menu creations. “Similar to JDW, MDW participants will be challenged to create limited edition thematic menus,” explained Gupta Sitorus. This limited edition menu will be the creative space needed by chefs to create innovation, as it would be a refreshment from their usual routine. On the consumer’s side, the limited edition menu will be a unique experience and hopefully create excitement, building a conducive and growing dessert in Medan.

Dessert Markt at Sun Plaza 

The Medan Dessert Week will be opened with DESSERT MARKT, a pop-up dessert market available from 18 to 21 May 2023 at Sun Plaza. The bazaar will involve more than 60 dessert and pastry industry players in Medan. Through MDW and DESSERT MARKT at Sun Plaza, JDW hopes to elevate local dessert players, promote the local culinary scene, introduce innovative dessert creations, and inspire the culinary community with various inspiring activities, such as workshops, collaboration with celebrity chefs, and more. 

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