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MAURI Chef, Maurizio Bombini to open a NEW Casual Dining destination in Bali

MAURI Chef, Maurizio Bombini to open a NEW Casual Dining destination in Bali

FoodieS Team
28 January 2022


Bali, 25th January 2022 - Umalas welcomes "BONITO FISH BAR", the sister restaurant of MAURI Seminyak, opening Tuesday, 8th of February 2022


Chef turned restaurateur, Maurizio Bombini, known for his success with MAURI restaurant, and co-founder Luigi Amorotti, are excited to share their home land of Puglia with us once again by creating BONITO FISH BAR – a fresh new concept within a relaxed social atmosphere, to enjoy fish and seafood, raw or cooked.

BONITO offers guests fresh fish and seafood that is 80% sustainably caught from the outer ocean regions in the archipelago – Bali, Lombok, Flores and Timor – along with imported premium crustaceans. There are plenty of mouth-watering imaginative plates set to alter the seafood dining scene in Bali prepared crudo, pan-seared, roasted, deep-fried and more.

Proud to be the first fish & seafood Delicatessen in Bali, BONITO also provides freshly cut fillets and shellfish beautifully displayed for selection in a chilled, enclosed counter display for guests to cook at home.

“BONITO is much more casual than MAURI. It is an emotional expression of my deep connection to seafood, the same way we enjoy it in my hometown in Puglia”, explains Maurizio Bombini. While Maurizio will continue with his flagship MAURI, he will be working closely with BONITO’S Executive Chef, Vittorio Negri – also known in Bali as “Don Vito.” Chef Vittorio leads the culinary team that has shaped the overall food quality and experience. For many years, these two Italian Chefs have shared the same culinary culture and passion. Don Vito has also made several appearances during MAURI’s Italian Series – a four hands dinner event with the best Italian Chefs on the island. 

“Along my journey I have met many producers, farmers and fishermen who dedicate their lives, working within their natural environments, to provide the best quality. I believe that cuisine is a craft and at BONITO we have created an ‘ocean to table’ experience in the most sustainable way possible. I look forward to bringing the skill and passion of these artisan fishermen to the cooking and to our guests”, says Chef Vito.

One of the signature dishes is “BONITO BITES” which consist of 12 delicacies, depending on the catch of the day, presented on one plate or guests can savour the Seafood Platter, with a selection of raw and blanched items. Another must-try is the “BONITO ROSETTA”, an Italian sandwich made with a natural no-yeast bread fermentation, offered with a choice of tuna and stracciatella cheese, soft shell crab, poached lobster or crispy octopus bites – to name a few.

BONITO Fish Bar Umalas, Bali

Jl. Bumbak Dauh No. 5 Umalas, Bali

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