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Masti Serves Up Warm And Hearty Indian Cuisine For All

Masti Serves Up Warm And Hearty Indian Cuisine For All

Auli Cinantya
14 January 2022


Family-own restaurant Masti brings traditional North Indian cuisine with an urban twist that will warm your heart.


Jakarta is the perfect melting pot for many cuisines from all over the world. Despite the pandemic, plenty of new F&B Brands have emerged with unique concepts. One of them that stood out was Masti. This family-owned business first opened in January 2020, with the concept of grab-and-go Indian food. Masti aims to bring an urban twist on hearty Indian cuisine.

Behind every dish, there are labours of love, Dilip, his wife, Henna, and their son, Tamish,  founded Masti to celebrate the wonders of Indian cuisine. Their main aspiration is to let Indonesian people get to know and appreciate Indian food. 

“We find that not many Indonesians are aware of Indian food. There are a few Indian restaurants, but most are very expensive, and some are fine dining restaurants. We realised that not a single mall had an Indian cuisine outlet with a grab and go concept,” said Dilip. 

“But the number one reason is because my wife is an excellent cook,” he continued with a grin

With the concept of grab and go, Masti serves some all-time favourite Indian dishes that many Indonesian people are familiar with, such as kebabs, chicken curry, Biryani, and others. Their spices are imported from India, and this is their way to serve Indian cuisine that adheres to the local palate without having to take away its root of origin.

“We created recipes that adhere to the local tastes but do not fully mimic Indonesian food. We adjust between the two. I would say, an efficient taste between India and Indonesia.”

Henna explains, at first, finding the balance between the two elements was quite the challenge. But as time passed, they were quick to learn how to serve the perfect amount of flavour without taking away the important essence of Indian cuisine. As someone who developed the recipe, Henna oversaw the cooking from time to time and was in charge of researching and developing the perfect recipe for Masti.

“We came up with the concept that gives the best of Indian cuisine. Our half and half menu consist of Butter Chicken and Biryani. So half sided Butter Chicken and the other half is the Biryani. You can choose chicken, lamb, or even a vegetarian option for the Biryani. Therefore you can enjoy both dishes at the same time, and the portion is quite big so people can share it,” explained Dilip.

While still carrying traditional elements of North Indian cuisine, Masti has put some modern twists on their menu. Tamish who is responsible for the branding of Masti, is the co-founder of Ageless Galaxy, a lifestyle brand inspired by outer space exploration. With Tamish’s skill and the help of the Ageless Galaxy team, they chose bright pink and dark green as the brand’s signature colours. With a youthful and more approachable look, Masti proved to pique people’s curiosity. 

You can see their signature branding brought to life with their menu. There are some unique dishes you won’t find anywhere else, such as the Spinacheese Naan and Beetroot Hummus, a bright pink side dish that surely will catch your attention.

“Nobody has Spinach naan; if you go to the restaurant, you won’t ever find a Spinach naan. Aside from that, it goes very well with our branding. Meanwhile, our Beetroot Hummus has pink colour, so its matches very well,” said Dilip.

The Naan has a soft, fluffy texture, and it is recommended to eat the Naan and dip it in the beetroot hummus. The combination gives a savoury yet refreshing taste that will make you want more. Their selection of Mango lassi is also a favourite. Using only harum manis mangoes, you can find fresh mango chunks in the drink. The lassi itself is light and not too thick, the perfect way to end your meal. 

Over the last two years, in spite of the  Pandemic period, Masti has succeeded in opening eight outlets from Jakarta to Tangerang, and their latest outlet is located at Hublife Jakarta.

As a family-run restaurant, Masti has proven that its taste and concept are perfect for Jakarta’s food scene, especially for those of us who are busy working at home or for those who like to try a new kind of food experience.

With a recipe that has been passed down through generations and packed conveniently, Masti serves up comfort food that you can enjoy whether you’re at home or on the go. 

Masti Jakarta

Ashta District 8, World Trace Center 3, Kemang Ever Plate KItchen Mal Codefin, Gading Festival, Grand Galaxy Park Bekasi, AEON Mall BSD,


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