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Mak Djoen Bakery Collaborates with Go Tik Swan to Celebrate National Batik Day

Mak Djoen Bakery Collaborates with Go Tik Swan to Celebrate National Batik Day

FoodieS Team
02 October 2023


Mak Djoen, the beloved home-based bakery, collaborates with the renowned batik brand Go Tik Swan to honor and celebrate Indonesian heritage.


In a union that transcends generations, culinary tradition meets artistic legacy as Mak Djoen, the cherished home-based bakery known for its classic Roti Karamel or Sarang Semut, joins hands with the illustrious Go Tik Swan, the cultural luminary and pioneer of Indonesian batik. This collaboration is a tribute to Indonesia’s rich heritage and a celebration of National Batik Day.

A Tale of Two Traditions

Mak Djoen, a small home-based bakery, has been delighting taste buds for generations with its unique Roti Karamel, a beloved Indonesian delicacy that boasts a distinct, ant’s nest-like texture. This classic recipe, painstakingly preserved, tells a story of culinary heritage passed down through the years.

On the other side of this extraordinary partnership is Go Tik Swan, a name synonymous with the art of batik. With a legacy dating back to the 1950s, Go Tik Swan’s batik creations have played an integral role in shaping Indonesian culture. His dedication to preserving and innovating the batik craft has resulted in over 200 remarkable batik patterns.

This collaboration is a fusion of flavors and artistry. Mak Djoen’s traditional recipe, carefully crafted over time, meets Go Tik Swan’s intricate batik designs, showcasing the harmonious blend of culinary craftsmanship and artistic mastery.

Celebrating National Batik Day

National Batik Day holds great significance for Indonesians, as it commemorates the cultural heritage represented by this intricate art form. Mak Djoen and Go Tik Swan come together to pay homage to this tradition, blending flavors and designs to mark this special day.

In an era where traditions sometimes yield to modernity, this collaboration stands as a testament to the enduring value of heritage. Both Mak Djoen and Go Tik Swan share a commitment to preserving the richness of Indonesian culture and passing it on to future generations.

Mak Djoen is a beloved home-based bakery known for its classic Roti Karamel or Sarang Semut. With a commitment to preserving traditional recipes, Mak Djoen offers a taste of Indonesia’s culinary heritage.

Mak Djoen has made Roti Karamel for decades, with her authentic recipe and method. One of her secret methods is, mixing the batter with only Fork. It takes hours to make, but it is well worth the process. This Roti Karamel have chewy yet light and fluffy with crumbly texture on the top, then slightly burnt sides that gives aromatic unique taste.

Mak Djoen

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