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Josh Niland Brings His Sustainable Seafood Steakhouse to Singapore

Josh Niland Brings His Sustainable Seafood Steakhouse to Singapore

Auli Cinantya
06 September 2023


Chef and cookbook author Josh Niland expands his sustainable seafood-focused steakhouse to Singapore's Edition hotel this November.


Australia’s celebrated chef and cookbook author, Josh Niland, is set to make his culinary mark in Singapore, marking his first restaurant venture outside of Australia. The visionary chef, known for his innovative approach to sustainable seafood, will introduce a unique, ethical, and sustainable seafood steakhouse restaurant in Singapore’s Edition Hotel this November.

A Sustainable Seafood Steakhouse with a Twist

This new addition will serve as the signature restaurant of the soon-to-open 204-room Edition hotel, marking the brand’s debut in Southeast Asia. Unlike Niland’s previous Sydney-based ventures, the restaurant will be open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, offering a diverse dining experience.

Niland’s philosophy of utilizing every part of the fish, known as his fin-to-scale approach, will shine through in this new venture. The à la carte menu will feature fish cut to order, including rib-on-the-bone cuts and crown roasts. These offerings align with Niland’s commitment to sustainability, waste reduction, and ethical sourcing from world-class producers and artisanal suppliers.

While bringing his sustainable seafood ethos to Singapore, Niland is eager to embrace the local culture, including the rich use of spices and abundant produce. He aims to explore the vibrant culinary scene at the heart of Southeast Asia, leveraging the resources available locally.

This exciting venture will introduce a unique seafood dining experience to Singapore and mark the beginning of Niland’s international culinary journey. The restaurant’s exact opening date may still be under wraps. Still, food enthusiasts in Singapore can eagerly anticipate its arrival this November, bringing a new era of sustainable and creative seafood dining to the city.

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