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Four Seasons Bali at Jimbaran’s
Jan Jurecka Brings Passion in Sustainability

Four Seasons Bali at Jimbaran’s
Jan Jurecka Brings Passion in Sustainability

Sheila Manalac
20 July 2023


The newly-opened Telu is a zero-waste community-conscious cocktail bar with delicious drinks that give back to Mother Nature.


Nowadays, it’s not enough to have a good time to feed the soul. In the last couple of years, a new buzzword has come to the forefront of the scene that’s here to stay: sustainability. And rightly so, as people worldwide have become more eco-conscious in all aspects of their lives. 

To cater to the needs of discerning guests, Jimbaran has recently welcomed the newest addition to its hot list of destinations for tipsy tipples with a twist. Four Seasons Bali at Jimbaran has recently unveiled TELU, a zero-waste community-conscious cocktail bar that allows guests to “have a good time while doing something meaningful,” Bar Manager Jan Jurecka shared. 

TELU means “three” in Javanese, representing the Balinese philosophy of Tri Hita Karan: harmony among people, harmony with the soul, and harmony with the environment. Telu’s menu is also categorized based on this philosophy, wherein proceeds support Balinese organizations: Sungai Watch, Bali Children’s Project, and Ocean Gardener. 

Passionate about nature and sustainability, Jan spearheads the creation and production of eco-conscious drinks at TELU by reducing and utilizing food waste, sourcing local ingredients, and using local brands that prioritize sustainability. “I love nature and I am very close to nature,” making TELU a representation of what he believes in.

Besides his love for nature, Jan has always been passionate about bartending, starting his career at the early age of 16. Growing up in Slovakia, he entered bartending classes and competitions and found himself honing this skill that slowly became his passion.

“When I was young, I was attracted by the ‘coolness’ of being a bartender, but the more I did it, the more I wanted to learn. I had no direct influence, but my family encouraged me to do it [bartending] because I was good at it.” 

And after three years of bartending in Slovakia, he went and studied hospitality in Prague, where he also worked part-time in more sophisticated bars in the city. After his studies, he felt “a sudden urge” to go to Sydney, where he worked as head bartender at the Hilton Sydney for two years. 

As one who is passionate about his profession and exploring the world, Jan discovered that Asia “had a fast-growing food and beverage scene,” which prompted him to move to Singapore. He landed a job at CUT by Wolfgang Puck at Marina Bay Sands,  heading the bar there for two years. 

He then moved to the luxurious Capella Singapore where he found career growth. “My time at Capella gave me a ‘hotel-scale’ experience, as I was creating cocktail menus, which I felt gave me career growth.”

With over 10 years of bartending experience, he decided to take a break and spent some time in Nusa Lembongan as a scuba instructor, then going home to Slovakia for seven months. “Having lived a laid back life was great, but I felt like I needed something more.” And so, he went back to his passion for bartending, joining Patina Maldives, where he was head bartender for two years. Here he found a new challenge having set up everything in the multi-outlet resort, with 12 F&B outlets and three cocktail bars.

Today, he enjoys a better quality of life in Bali, saying that he found the “work-life balance” where he is surrounded by nature, while being able to continue to do what he loves—bartending. 

“People here (in Bali) are great. I’ve met like-minded people who are also passionate about what they do. I’ve had the opportunity to work with people who are driven and passionate which allows me to live up to my potential.”

Jan shares how his preferences have changed from enjoying strong cocktails to now favoring fresh citrusy drinks, a change that perhaps came with the life he enjoys on the island. 

He describes his cocktail creations at TELU as “integrated with Balinese character and produce interpreted in international standards.”  Of the 12 drinks on the menu, he recommends Down To Earth, a silky and creamy gin-based cocktail, with spirulina and matcha, passion fruit, guava, and coconut milk whey, and the Unusual Suspects, which is an interpretation of the Espresso Martini, a clear-liquid cocktail created using the ‘rotovapr’ or rotary evaporator for the distillation process, using coffee grounds, cocoa nibs, and vodka. His personal favorite is the Murni, coming from the mocktail options at TELU, using zero-proof tequila, lime, salt, and honey.

“TELU is a reflection of what I believe in. It is a way to give back to the community and to nature, and this is a chance for us to do something meaningful.”

Take a leisurely stroll at the Four Seasons Bali at Jimbaran and enter TELU, the open-air venue built with repurposed and upcycled materials, serving sustainable cocktails, and with every sip, you get a chance to give back to Mother Nature. 


Four Seasons Resort Bali  at Jimbaran Bay
Jl. Bukit Permai, Jimbaran, Kec. Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

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