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Jakarta’s Best Sandwiches

Jakarta’s Best Sandwiches

Nisya Kunto
06 October 2021


Some say sandwiches are a snack, some say sandwiches are a full meal. Regardless of which team you bat for, our sandwich picks will surely make your mouth water!



Only available on Saturdays, Boo Sandwich is a treat we look forward to on the weekend! Boo’s signature includes the Karaage Dash (Japanese Chicken Sandwich with panini bread, chili mayo sauce, lettuce, tomato, and a bunch of coriander leaves). Boo’s Prime Grilled Chicken is also a winner, featuring a special garlic sauce cream and hoisin sauce to accompany the sweet paprika chicken.


Munch Sandwich serves the munchiest every Wednesday and Saturday. Their menu ranges from Houston Pulled Brisket with ciabatta bread and homemade spicy tomato jam, the Liguria Pesto Chicken with chicken breast and homemade pesto sauce, to the Argos Gyro beef with Homemade tzatziki sauce and feta cheese.


El Sid proclaims themselves as the purveyor of coffee and sandwich. Dealing their goods at Pelaspas Nipah, their toasties and sandwiches are great for any time of the day. GIve their Truffled Egg and Bodega a try! Aside from their sandwiches, El Sid also offers Banana Pancake, Tater Tots, and other snacks and beverages.


Lunch For My Husband has developed a cult following from foodie in and around Jakarta. They keep it fresh by serving one menu at a time, before switching to a newer menu every three weeks. Among Lunch For My Husband’s notable creations are Roberto, Haruki, and Gabriel and Enrico from their collaboration with Mood Kitchen.


Supper at Cipete champions their Staple: a classic fried chicken sandwich with a layer of pickles, cheese, and lettuce to pair with the crunchy chicken. Other sandwiches worth the bite are the Hot Chick, Bun San with Nanban Sauce and Asian Coleslaw, and the Goin’ Fishin’ for those who fancy a fishy treat.


Boogie Woogie’s sandwiches are built on their signature ciabatta buns. With six varieties to choose from, their menu consists of the Sloppy Joe, Cheezy Peezy, Holy Chick, the OG, Classic Club, and Mac Attack. 

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