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Guide to Row 9

Guide to Row 9

Auli Cinantya
11 March 2023


Discover your new favorite hangout spot at Row 9, the latest lifestyle and dining destination in the lively Blok M district.


The Blok M district is lively as ever. It is one of my favorite spots for good food and hanging out with friends. With easy access, the vibrant neighborhood can cater to all your food cravings. From the hip hangout place, mouth-watering street food vendors, renowned authentic Japanese restaurants, and the latest dining and lifestyle destination, Row 9. 

Located just a step away from Blok M Mrt Station, Row 9 is a community-focused compound. The tall building is definitely an eye-catcher with its minimalist and striking facade. And to make things more interesting, Row9 is home to some of the new and exciting dining destinations in town.

What to Eat at Row 9 Blok M

Dapoer Poelekoken

Located on the first floor of Row 9, this particular restaurant is hard to miss. Dapoer Poelekoken is a humble restaurant serving local cuisines such as Brenebon Soup, Cumi Hitam, Fried Noodles, Fried Cassava, Papaya Flower with anchovies, and many more.

Plunge Pizza

Plunge is not an unfamiliar name, especially for those who live in West Jakarta. Arrived in South Jakarta, Plunge took a different turn and rebranded itself with a new concept. Designed to give urban foodies an elevated experience when it comes to pizza. With an artisanal sourdough pizza menu and various snacks and drinks, Plunge Pizza can be the right spot for a night out with friends or a casual evening alone. 

The restaurant aims to set the bar high when it comes to pizza and give something to talk about. Much like their unique menu selections, from Butter Chicken Pizza – a combination of bechamel sauce, mozzarella, fried chicken chunks, and honey butter sauce, to Peaches and Gelato Pizza – mozzarella with roasted marshmallow, and peach slice, topped with gelato and maple syrup.

Pot Boy Aru

Another exciting and new name is Pot Boy Aru; this restaurant and bar will open their door on March 15th. Open from 5 PM until late at night; the restaurant serves exciting choices. From Scallion Pancake, Street Skewers, Wenwen NYC inspired BDSM Chicken to Dan Dan Noodles.


Suasanakopi is a familiar face in the coffee shop business in Jakarta. Speaking true to their name, “Suasana “(which means atmosphere in Indonesian) aims to build a pleasing ambiance whenever you are. Their signature coffee, “Aroma Dia,” is a latte mix with palm sugar and cinnamon that comes in strong and creamy options. Creamy comes with a shot of espresso, while the strong comes with two espresso shots. At the Suasanakopi Row 9 branch, you can enjoy freshly made BRAUD pastries.

The Lucky Chin's

This American-Chinese restaurant offers the familiar classic American-Chinese cuisine you often see on social media but might rarely be found in Jakarta. Lucky Chin’s is blending traditional Chinese flavors to create new, exciting dishes. Dishes such as General Tso’s Chicken, Chow Mien, or Orange Chicken are served in a canteen-style restaurant or the classic square Chinese takeout box. Meanwhile, Lucky Chin’s Chop Suey Sundae is a unique ice cream treat that draws inspiration from historical recipes like the ‘Cap Cay.’ It comes with soft-serve ice cream, topped with chopped peanuts, lychee fruit, almond cookie, cherry, and chocolate syrup.

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