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What FoodieS Eat: Sarila, Reza, Chaka of Bruule

What FoodieS Eat: Sarila, Reza, Chaka of Bruule

Auli Cinantya
30 September 2022


Reza Harisky, Sarila Danubrata, and Chaka Ramadhan - the brain behind Bruule- share their favorite hangout place, favorite food memories, and the upcoming plan for Bruule.


At the beginning of March 2020, Reza Harisky and his wife, Sarila Danubrata, started their journey selling their take on Spaghetti, called Bruule. 

Unlike most Spaghetti served with Bolognese sauce, Reza said their ‘Bruule’ pasta dish is served with béchamel sauce on top. Despite starting Bruule during a pandemic, Reza believes the recipe he got from his extended family can be successful. 

Since it first surfaced on social media, Bruule has been the talk of the town. Its savory goodness managed to capture everyone’s heart and become one of the most viral food trends amidst the pandemic. 

Behind the success story of Bruule, there is Sarila as Founder and lead in finance, Reza Harisky as CEO and lead of operation, and Chaka Ramadhan as the lead in marketing and sales.

What do you like the most about your job? 

Sarila: I really love learning new things, not only deepening my knowledge in finance, but I also love learning about data analysis, calculating, and making new strategies for Bruule. I found that learning these things is fun in its own ways. 

Reza: I like to find and explore new business ideas. Looking for ways to make how those ideas can come to life and the journey itself.

Chaka: When I meet new people, I learn a lot from them. Since I love food, I’m always excited when I get new food references. 

Do you have any go-to venues for hanging out with friends or maybe for special occasions with family?

Sarila & Reza: We don’t have a specific one, because usually our friends or family just come to our house and we would cook together. 

Chaka: I usually go to Sarila and Reza’s house, hahaha

What is your most recent dining destination that left a good impression?
Sarila: Padang Paya Kumbuah. It’s a Padang restaurant owned by one of our closest friends, Dandi. I’m so proud and amazed because they are able to bring all these authentic spices from Padang, even the rice! It was terrific. 
Reza: Sukiyaki Steamboat Barbecue Blora. It feels like comfort food and brings back memorable childhood memories. 
Chaka: Gohyong. I was mesmerized by the technique of making them using just bare hands. The other is Lac Mei Che, a Sichuan Restaurant in Mangga Besar. I love Mala, and they have this one Mala menu that I think was good.

Are there any local or abroad restaurants that you would want to go to but have yet visited? What makes you interested in going there? Or are there any food you would like to try but have yet tried?
Sarila: Sukibayashi Jiro in Japan. I’m quite curious about how good it is because they always have a long queue.
Reza: I love omelets, so I’ve wanted to try the famous Jay Fai Crab Omelette in Bangkok. I’m curious about how tasty the food from the street food that managed to get a Michelin star is.
Chaka: Street food Horumon in Japan, because they sell all kinds of innards food along this street food.

In the past few years, we have seen a lot of unique food trends; which food trends do you like the most, and where do you usually get them?
Sarila: I love the soft-baked cookies from Mim’s! They are the best. 
Reza: I don’t really follow trends; I prefer to eat authentic food or food that reminds me of my childhood. The most often thing that I order is Sop Kaki Kambing Bang Anen in Fatmawati. 
Chaka: The most recent one is this bar and grill in Bandung, Set N Rise. 

Which are your top three dining places that will always be on your favorite list?
Sarila: Trio Restaurant in Gondangdia, Sushi Tei, and Pagi Sore. 
Reza: Trio Restaurant in Gondangdia, Sop Kaki Kambing Bang Anen, and Duck King. 
Chaka: Pagi Sore, Gandy, and the Manadonese cuisine at Ambassador, Kuningan food court!

What is the most unforgettable food experience you have ever had? 
Sarila: The first time I tried Jengkol Goreng Bawang. I wasn’t expecting that I would really love the flavor combination! 
Reza: It’s the first time I tried Bruule at Ila’s family event. Because initially, we got the idea and the recipe of Bruule from our family. And the first time I tried it, I was amused; I thought that this was something people should definitely try because, at that time, it was something new. 
Chaka: There is quite a lot, but one of the most memorable ones was when I tried Sate Mendo Wendy’s in Tegal.  

Is there any food you can eat every day without getting bored?
Sarila: All Sundanese cuisine. From its lalapan, petai, and everything else. 
Reza: Omelet. 
Chaka: Sundanese cuisine! 

What can we expect from Bruule for the upcoming end-of-the-year festivities?
Anticipate new packaging and a new menu! We are also preparing Hampers that you can share with your loved ones. 

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