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What Foodies Eat: Lazy Susan

What Foodies Eat: Lazy Susan

FoodieS Team
17 June 2022


Lazy Susan is a platform connecting community, research, culture, and creativity through food. Meet the four Suzies and check out their recommendation on food and drinks.


As a platform to connect everyone through food, Lazy Susan comprises four members, each with a great passion for Indonesia’s food culture. Meet the Suzies, Suzy A (Andrea Hasan), Suzy D (Dinda Pramesti), Suzy K (Alyandra Katya), and Suzy V (Valensia Edgina)! 

Hi guys! Can you tell us about Lazy Susan and what you guys do?

Lazy Susan is a lifestyle experience brand that cooks experiences, designs tastes, and delivers stories!

Is there any food that you guys can eat every day without getting bored?

Lidah Cabe Ijo & any fritters from Nasi Peda Pelangi!

What are your favorite local dishes, and where do you go to eat them?

A: Sate kambing from Sate Madura JIS

K: Nasi Pecel with extra tempe orek and (sometimes) bandeng presto from Nasi Pecel Ibu Ira in Depok.

V: Nasi Goreng in front of RS Prikasih, Pecel Lele besides Hero Terogong, and anything with rice at Roku Roku Fatmawati.

D: Pecel Ayam Bu Vesti has held a special place in my heart since elementary school <3


What is the most unforgettable food experience you have ever had? 

A: One of the most unforgettable food experiences I had was when I was studying in Italy, and a friend brought me to this one small osteria in Alba, Piedmont. The osteria has no menu, so the staff tells you what they have for the day, and you can choose your appetizer, main course, and dessert. It is best to arrive before their opening hour. Otherwise, you’d have to wait for at least half an hour; the place is called Osteria del Sognatore. 

V: For me, it’s Chang Fen from a small restaurant specializing in Chang Fen in Shenzen, China. It’s filled with shrimp, and they mix it with scrambled eggs. I still can remember the taste until today. 

D: The first time I had chawanmushi was when I was five years old, at a Japanese restaurant in Ratu Plaza. The texture was mind-blowing for me; from then on, my curiosity grew stronger!

K: One of the most unforgettable food experiences was when I spent my summer in my friend’s countryside house in Vierzon, central France. Her family has a garden where they plant figs, rhubarb, and many more. They make jams from the surplus of produce they have to enjoy all year long. So for each morning, before breakfast, we would bike to the nearest town and buy a fresh baguette from the boulangerie and French cheeses from the local cheesemonger. We’d enjoy them with their jams, fresh-picked fruits, and, on some days, a cold glass of rose from the vineyard next door.

What is the most recent dining destination you visited that left a good impression? (high-end, upmarket, and street food)

D: High-end: Bekkan by Esina
     Upmarket: Hai di lao & suji suan cai yu
     Street food: Warung pecel boma fatmawati

A: High-end: Wine RVLT in Singapore
     Upmarket: same as Suzy D, we love hai di lao & nasi peda pelangi!
     Street food: Pecel lele putro samba, kebayoran

K: High-end: Piquant. One of the only French restaurants in Jakarta that left a good mark for me.
    Upmarket: Madame Mai. Their Banh Mi is amazing – love the baguette texture and the balance of vegetables, protein, and pate.
    Street food: Pecel Lele Putro Samba! We ate this together in the office, one of Suzy V’s random finds.

V: High-end: Nagisa in Nusa Dua, Bali
    Upmarket: Sun city
    Street food: Nasi Ayam Alu, Jakarta

Do you have any go-to venues for hanging out with friends, or maybe for special occasions with family?

A: I’m quite an introvert so I actually really like hanging out at home, but I always love a good pub and a good cocktail bar! I used to go to DeHooi a lot, it’s somewhat humbling to go there but when it’s not too crowded
D: I would say Die Stube Kemang or Blackpond Tavern, especially on Sunday afternoons.
K: The Buffalo Mahakam for chilling outdoors in the afternoon, Plan B for tapas and wine (go for their house white!), and Zodiac for dancing.
V: Recently I have been going to Hai di lao a lot with my friends and family. 

Do you have any favorite takeouts for busy days?  

D: Mang Nanang, Nasi Peda Pelangi, Pecel ayam Bu Vesti, and any sate ayam really.
A: Nasi Peda Pelangi, and recently I just tried Madame Mai. I think this will be my next go to. 
K: Nasi Peda Pelangi if I’m in the mood for comforting Indonesian food, and Greenly if I’m looking for budget-friendly salads.
V: Nasi Peda Pelangi, hehe same with other Suzies.

What are your favorite local dishes, and where do you go to eat them?

A: Sate kambing from Sate Madura JIS
K: Nasi Pecel with extra tempe orek and (sometimes) bandeng presto from Nasi Pecel Ibu Ira in Depok.
V: Nasi Goreng in front of RS Prikasih, Pecel Lele besides Hero Terogong, and anything with rice at Roku Roku Fatmawati.
D: Pecel ayam Bu Vesti holds a special place in my heart since elementary school. 

For the past years, you have explored food culture around Indonesia; what was the most memorable trip?

A: Pontianak is still on top of my list, but I can’t wait to go to other places with other suzies 🙂
K: Our most recent trip to Bandung was very memorable for me. It was the first time I got to experience Bandung’s Peranakan food scene. One of the most memorable dishes was Nasi Campur Hainam in Jl. Cibadak (yes, we asked them the name of their stall, and that’s what they told us!)
V: Pontianak! We ate 6-7 times per day hahaha

Do you have any regular drink places, and what drinks do you usually order?

D: Cocktail club, I’m a sucker for miso miss you & dirty M, especially Erik’s custom-made dirty martini.
A: Cocktail club too! I’m having a martini phase, so dirty m is always in my order
K: My go-to cocktail is Negroni, and I love Sofia’s. But if a bar offers a custom order, I would order a sour, bitter, tequila-based cocktail (and D’Classic’s is my favorite so far for this!)
V: Cocktail Club, ftw! Cha Guavara & Miso Miss You are my two favorites. For beer, I love to go to Sport Stube.

When you go out for coffee, what do you look for, and where do you go? Any regular places?

D: I can say that I’m a regular at Brookland, 7 Speed, or any starbucks. The order is always the same; iced americano!

A: i’m not a really a go-out-for-coffee girl, i usually just have a to go coffee from starbucks and have it somewhere else, my usual order is either hot or cold americano depends on my mood

K: I’m not very adventurous when it comes to coffee. I like my coffee black with a dark chocolate note. But frankly I rarely go out for one since I prefer to make my own at home/work but when I do, I get Brookland’s long black or Starbucks’ cold brew.

V: Black coffee anywhere it’s available! Hehe I love trying new places but still order the same menu.

What was the most memorable or challenging of all the collaborations you have done until now?

D: Each of our collaborators has its specialty and lessons we receive from them! 🙂
A: We love meeting new people and seeing what they have in mind; it’s so interesting to experience working with such diverse people.
K: Each collaboration has its great takeaways and its challenges, mainly because we approach all of them with different concepts. All are memorable in their ways 🙂 The most challenging part of each collaboration would be creating a new branded experience for each partner that still reflects Lazy Susan’s and our partner’s values and identity.
V: Our collaborations are always fun and insightful. One of the most memorable for me is Lawless; I love the chicken skin and apel Malang hamburger, the event was fun, and the working experience with the Lawless team was amazing.

What kind of collaborations we could look forward to from Lazy Susan?

I guess you guys just have to wait!

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