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Eightman Ramen Delivers The Noods You Have Waiting For

Eightman Ramen Delivers The Noods You Have Waiting For

Auli Cinantya
21 June 2022


The popular ramen and Izakaya-style dining serves a wide variation of Japanese cuisine, and is famous for its Truffle Ramen and the first and only Black Ramen in Jakarta


Eightman Ramen Restaurant used to be known as a hidden gem, located in an unassuming office building near the business district. Although it is already quite famous, its popularity skyrocketed due to social media and the unique and sumptuous Japanese cuisine they deliver. Now, they are a well-known restaurant for those who seek ramen noodles and Izakaya-style dining. 

Finding the location of this Izakaya is not very hard for something that used to be a hidden gem. Located in Summitmas, Eightman Ramen opens from Tuesday to Sunday during lunch and dinner hours. Due to its high popularity, we suggested a reservation beforehand because this Izakaya is always bustling with hungry diners. 

The classic wooden Japanese-style doors will welcome you once you arrive, and when you get inside, you can smell a whiff of umami scent all over the place. The walls are decorated with traditional Japanese wooden plaques filled with reviews from their patrons. You will find the classic sushi bar seating at the front, while at the back of the restaurant, there are several Washitsu, or a Japanese-style room, also known as Tatami room, perfect place if you want to have a more private dining gathering.

This place is like a treat for me as someone who loves noodles and Japanese food. Although they are famous for their ramen, their menu consists of various items. And you know it’s a legit Japanese restaurant when you see their ‘worn out’ menu sheets. 

I sometimes choose the most popular ones when trying out a new place. Because there’s a reason why it’s the most popular one, right? Claimed as the first and only Black Ramen in Indonesia, Eightman is also the one that offers the first Truffle Ramen in Indonesia; both dishes are indeed worth trying out. After waiting a while (it was late lunch hour, but it was still quite packed), the sight of the ramen arriving at our table immediately delighted us with its savory and umami smells.

You can try two kinds of Black Ramen: Karakara Tori Kuromen (Very spicy Chicken Black Ramen) and Tonkotsu Chintan XO Kuromen (Pork XO Sauce Black Ramen). The ramen is served with black noodles; if you order the Tonkotsu one, it is done with slices of pork with an almost clear broth. While the Karakara Tori Kuromen is filled with some chicken slices and a heap of chili oil served on top. Even though it is written as very spicy on the menu, the spice level is right for me, not too spicy, and you can taste the umami and garlicky flavor from the broth. 

Meanwhile, their Truffle Ramen may seem pale compared to the Black Ramen, but it is as flavorful. The glossy gold ramen is made with slow-cooked chicken bone broth and truffle flavor. For a dish that doesn’t have Truffle shavings, this ramen comes with a powerful Truffle scent. The firm noodle is accompanied by juicy chicken breast and thick chicken broth; you could see the collagen form at the top, which only concludes one thing, the broth is legit. 

Other dishes aside from ramen that may delight your dining experience is their Buta Kakuni, braised pork belly with sweet soy sauce. Delightful in every bite, the pork belly is soft, springy, and melts in your mouth. Served with soft-boiled egg, this dish makes your mouth water at first sight. 

One particular dish that exceeded my expectations is their Chicken Nanban. Deep-fried succulent chicken thigh coated in a tangy, sweet “Nanban” sauce and topped with a rich and creamy Japanese-style tartar sauce. Served piping hot from the kitchen, the crispy exterior perfectly concealed the juicy and tender chicken thigh. Meanwhile, the sweet Nanban sauce blended well with the creamy and tangy tartar sauce. 

Overall, Eightman serves a great experience of Japanese dining. Whether you are alone or come with a group of friends and family, Eightman can cater to both, serving you unpretentious Japanese food that will delight your palate and your heart.

Eightman Ramen Restaurant

Summitmas I
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman, RT.5/RW.3, Senayan, Kec. Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12190

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