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Diving Deep Behind One Of The World’s Popular Spirits, Gin

Diving Deep Behind One Of The World’s Popular Spirits, Gin

Auli Cinantya
18 March 2022


Known for its clarity, mixability and flavour, Gin is one of the most popular spirits used to prepare various cocktails.


Gin has been one of the fastest-growing categories in the global spirits industry over the last few years. It is A distilled spirit made from grain and flavoured with botanicals. It is most noted for its pine flavour from its main ingredient, juniper berries.

The drink’s name comes from the French name for the juniper berry, Genièvre, changed by the Dutch to Genever and shortened by the English to Gin. Created by Dr Franciscus de le Boë (aka Dr Sylvius) of the University of Leiden in 1650, who was looking for a way to make medicine for patients with kidney disease.

Although it’s a Dutch creation, the English made it famous worldwide, and today, it’s made and enjoyed throughout the world. Gin is used as the main ingredient in a classic martini and vital to the iconic Gin and tonic, and many great cocktail recipes show off the botanical spirit.

This spirit has a herbal flavour marked with citrus and spices. Most Gin is dry with a noticeable pine flavour because juniper dominates traditional recipes. The oldest styles tend to be sweeter, while modern techniques put less emphasis on the juniper and may focus on another herb, fruit, or spice flavour.

Aside from its many variety of styles, Gin comes in two forms, distilled Gin and mixed Gin. The two differ only in the distillery, where the Gin is distilled through a distillation process while the mixed Gin is not.

According to Hendrick’s Southeast Asia Ambassador, Charmaine Thio, Indonesia has considerable potential as a producer of Gin because it has an abundance of diverse raw material sources.

In recent years, you can easily find local brand Gin that highlights the rich Indonesian flavours you using high-quality local ingredients. One of them is East Indies Archipelago Dry Gin, made in Bali. Launched in 2021, this distilled Gin is made by distilling pure grain alcohol with juniper and rich spices of the Indonesian archipelago. Inspired by the nostalgia of Indonesia’s rich spice history, its mission is to bring Indonesian flavours into the global, premium craft spirits industry.

East Indies Archipelago Dry Gin has a classic juniper-forward flavour with a mix of Indonesian signature spices such as Kecombrang (Torch Ginger Flower) and Andaliman (Batak Pepper. This combination this Gin a uniquely Indonesian flavour, resulting in a smooth, refreshing and deep in taste thanks to its original distillation method. This gin is also mixes perfectly well with classic gin cocktails such as Negronis and Martinis.

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