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CY Beverages Unveils Their Latest Plant-Based Innovations

CY Beverages Unveils Their Latest Plant-Based Innovations

Auli Cinantya
12 November 2023


After succesfully launched their latest Matcha creations, CY Beverages unveils another innovation with their Plant-Based Crème


Navigating my day without surrendering to the alluring aroma of coffee has its challenges. There are moments when an urgent need for a caffeine boost arises, yet the potential aftermath—whether it’s the sugar crash or the fading effects of caffeine—makes me seek a better option. This is where Matcha comes to my rescue, and I do love Matcha! Beyond providing a controlled dose of caffeine without the subsequent energy slump, Matcha brings forth a wealth of antioxidants, such as catechins, vitamin C, and L-theanine.

The surge in Matcha’s popularity is evident, influencing a plethora of items from drinks to cakes and cookies. Positioned as a trendy flavor at the forefront of the culinary scene, Matcha, or green tea powder (抹茶), has taken the world by storm. Regardless of trends, Matcha remains a timeless staple in Japan, never losing its appeal.

CY Beverages has unveiled three new products in its 3in1 series. The growing demand and popularity of Matcha latte consumption and Matcha beverage businesses in Indonesia have propelled CY Beverages to innovate continually, introducing fresh variations to the instant Matcha powder industry in the country. Calvin Yong, Owner and CEO of CY Beverages, founded the company out of his personal fondness for Matcha.

The latest offerings include the MATCHA LATTE PLANT-BASED 3IN1 series, a pioneering line in Indonesia that is also suitable for vegetarians. Crafted from 100% vegetarian-friendly ingredients without animal proteins, the Plant-Based CY Beverages series features flavors like Matcha Latte with Honey and Black Soya, Matcha Latte with Toasted Oats, and Matcha Latte with Roasted Almond.

Established in 2016, CY Beverages focuses on producing premium-quality powdered beverages. Their product range encompasses coffee, hot chocolate, various types of pure Matcha powder and lattes, as well as other tea latte variations.

The Pure Matcha range by CY Beverages uses Matcha powder directly imported from Shizuoka, Japan, with seven different variants, including Pure Hojicha, Pure Genmaicha, Pure Sakura, and three grades of Pure Matcha, along with Pure Greentea. The Pure series from CY Beverages contains 100% ground tea leaves without added sugar, coloring agents, or other chemicals. This multifunctional series can be used in beverages, cakes, culinary applications, natural food coloring, and even as a natural facial mask. With its high antioxidant content, Pure Matcha aids in detoxifying the body, serving as a healthier alternative to coffee with a longer-lasting caffeine effect.

Creamer For All

Following the success of their Plant-Based product, CY Beverages introduces another innovation with the launch of CY Beverages Plant-Based Crème—a healthy creamer with abundant benefits.

As a premium beverage manufacturer, CY Beverages presents Plant-Based Crème, a low-sugar, high-fiber creamer with numerous advantages.

Recognizing the pivotal role creamers play in the culinary world, CY Beverages has designed a product that provides both delicious and healthy attributes. This creamer serves as a low-sugar, high-fiber alternative to milk, particularly for coffee enthusiasts who often incorporate creamers to enhance the flavor and creaminess of their coffee brews.

Calvin Yong, notes that the intentional launch of this product, with its four beneficial functions—lactose-free, cholesterol-free, trans-fat-free, and as a fresh milk replacement—is crafted specifically to meet the demand for low-sugar, high-fiber creamers.

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