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Nespresso Present A Special Recipe For A Bold Chinese New Year

Nespresso Present A Special Recipe For A Bold Chinese New Year

FoodieS Team
25 January 2022


Nespresso invites coffee lovers for a bold new start for the upcoming Chinese New Year.


 To A Bold New Start”. In celebration of the upcoming Chinese New Year, Nespresso invites coffee lovers to celebrate strength and passion while embarking for the year of the tiger.

The campaign aims to highlight moments of togetherness with loved ones while celebrating a bold new start under the watchful eye of the tiger. Nespresso uses Chinese Window frame as a symbol of this Chinese New Year’s celebration that is also used as the main design for the campaign.

 The maze pattern symbolizes the journey that could lead everyone to this special moment of celebration. It creates tiger silhouette which in Asian culture symbolizes powerful and positive energy. The gathering at the intersection of the maze as a symbol that the challenge has been overcome and loved ones can get together again.

Leveraging on the idea of a bold new start, Nespresso offers a special edition coffee sleeve pack collection with 5 assortments of best seller coffee capsules. The sleeve pack also comes with the maze design that represents a new journey for a new beginning.

To further enjoy the celebration of the year of tiger, Nespresso shares two special coffee recipes using Ispirazione Venezia and Shanghai Lungo that are included in the 5-packsleeves special CNY collection.

The Nespresso special edition coffee sleeve pack collection is available in all stores and online at from January 10th – February 6th, 2022, while stocks last.

Wealthy Plum
A warm and comforting coffee that represents luck, prosperity and hope.
– 1 Ispriazione Venezia capsule
– 15ml honey
– 90ml milk
– 4-5 pieces of sweet dried plum
– Cocoa powder

1. Pour honey into a cappuccino cup
2. Add 4-5 pieces of sweet dried plum into the cup
3. Pour 90ml milk into Aeroccino 3 milk device, close the lid and press start button with
hot milk function
4. Pour milk into the cappuccino cup
5. Extract 40ml (espresso) of Ispriazione Venezia into the cup
6. Sprinkle cocoa powder on top of your recipe

Red Bliss
A symbol of good fortune and joy seen across awide range of products, communications and
– 1 Shanghai Lungo capsule
– 20ml strawberry syrup
– 40ml lemon soda
– 3 ice cubes
1. Pour strawberry syrup into the glass
2. Add 3 ice cubes into the glass
3. Pour 90ml of lemon soda delicately over the ice cubes

4. Extract 110ml (lungo) of Shanghai Lungo into the glass
5. Decorate rim of the glass with slice of strawberry


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