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Your Guide to Chillax

Your Guide to Chillax

Auli Cinantya
29 November 2022


Chillax offers an expansive culinary getaway at the center of bustling Sudirman street.


The bustling area of Sudirman is known for its business district, numerous tall office buildings, crowded streets, and ever-busy white-collar workers. This area is more lively than ever, from the morning until midnight, and amongst the concrete forests, nestled in Chillax, a new culinary destination. 

Chillax offers an outdoor hangout place amid the hustle and bustle of traffic in the Sudirman area. The expansive space serves as a place where people can chill and relax. The ambiance and the facade of the building show a pleasant contrast compared to the other buildings. 

With the theme of alfresco dining, a.k.a open spaces restaurant, you will feel transported away from the bustling and crowded streets. The place is divided into two areas: The Headquarters and The Backyard.

The Headquarters is a large restaurant with both outside and inside seating areas and several non-F&B tenants. At the same time, The Backyard area consists of small f&b outlets. Both areas offer a wide range of food from Western to Asian, savory, and dessert selections.

What to Eat at Chillax Sudirman

Butler's Steakhouse

Butler’s Steakhouse is known for its affordable steaks and cozy atmosphere for family and friends. The American Steakhouse serves various meat selections from Australian Wagyu, Sliders, Cheeseburger, and many more.

GION The Sushi Bar

GION The Sushi Bar is a well-known place to go for sushi. Serving some authentic sushi rolls, GION also presents a variety of menu choices, including Fried Sushi, Nigiri Sushi, Sashimi, Donburi, to Udon. You can try their famous selection, such as Salmon Sashimi, Gyu Truffle Don, Gion Cheese Lava, and Gyutan Teriyaki Don.

Harper And Cordon

Harper & Cordon is a retail and online artisan gourmet producer specializing in chocolates. First opened in Medan, Harper And Cordon offer a unique experience of indulging desserts and is known for its personalized and curated hampers selections.  

Heirloom Greek Yogurt

Starting as an online brand, Heirloom Greek Yogurt officially opened its offline stores in Chillax. Aside from serving their famous fresh yogurt, Heirloom also serves as an all-day dining where guests can enjoy savory and sweet dishes such as pizza, pasta, burrata dip, yogurt swirl sundaes, and many more.

Hot Jons Chicken N Ribs

Hot Jon’s is a new concept created by Mozeria, serving southern-style fried chicken. Their menu offers Nashville Fried Chicken and a selection of sandwiches and beef ribs.  

N.O.B Cafe & Patisserie

First opened in the BSD area, N.O.B serves as one of the dessert destinations in Chillax. The small pastry shop offers a wide range of pastries and viennoiseries. This place can be the perfect hangout for an afternoon coffee or snack.

Skinny Dip

Skinny Dip is a modern restaurant concept introducing a new way to eat sandwiches. The casual restaurant offers a wide range of sandwiches where you can select the buns, the meat, and the sauce to dip your sandwich. Aside from sandwiches, they also offer other favorites such as pasta, Provencal Bouillabaisse, and many more. 

TOMA Brasserie

TOMA Brasserie is breaking down culinary barriers with its progressive Asian cuisine. Combining several Asian-inspired culinary concepts, TOMA serves a wide variety of food selections from pasta, seafood, steak, and many more.

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