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An Exquisite Brunch at Exquise Bistro & Patisserie

An Exquisite Brunch at Exquise Bistro & Patisserie

Auli Cinantya
06 December 2022


Exquise Patisserie presents the latest dining destination for coffee and tea with good pastries and a wider selection of savory dishes at the Exquise Bistro & Patisserie.


Throughout 2022, we have seen the rise of pastry shops, especially in Jakarta. You can easily find many cafes or pastry shops throughout the city, and as someone who can’t say no to good pastries, I’m always up to finding good ones around town. So when I discovered one of my favorite patisseries had just opened a new branch with a whole new concept, I was thrilled to visit the place. 

First opened in 2014, the French artisan bakery and cafe Exquise Patisserie is a well-known name for those desserts and pastry lovers. Famous for their iconic exterior filled with colorful flowers, their desserts and pastry are also mesmerizing.

The word “Exquise” is taken from the French word, meaning “exceptional delicacy and fine craftsmanship,” which is the essence of what they seek. And even in 2022, Exquise Patisserie has successfully remained on the radar of the Indonesian F&B market category, competing with the big players.

The newly established Exquise Bistro & Patisserie is the perfect place to cater to your appetite from breakfast to dinner. Located in Gunawarman, don’t let their unassuming facade fool you. The inside of the restaurant is brimming with colors – much like their cakes. The place is filled with a splash of elegant gold colors and adorned in their iconic flower ornaments along with their signature blue decorating the velvet couches. With comfy decor, the place provides a cozy ambiance that will make you want to stay all day. 

Their place is divided into three sections; the smoking area is on the left, with sky ceiling windows on top, letting all the natural lights shine onto the gold decorations. The middle sections provide a long elevated velvet couch, a brilliant way to utilize the space, and the last sections are the two semi-private rooms. 

We arrived just in time for lunch, and the place slowly filled up with people; some had been there for a relaxing tea with friends, and others had a blast having a get-together in the semi-private room. 

Usually, when I come to Exquise Patisserie, it is for their desserts, but here, you will find a much more extensive menu of savory dishes. You can find an all-day breakfast menu such as Omelette Mont St.Michel Smoked Beef, Scrambled Eggs, and Tobiko, or the famous Exquise Champion Breakfast. They also serve selections of pasta, salad, and a generous portion of the main course, much like their Roasted Half Spring Chicken Basil and their Rendang Fried Rice.

For lunch, we choose The Skillet Rib Eye Steak and Eggs, Black Pappardelle Aglio Olio with King Prawn, and their three-color mini burger to share. And much like how they took serious in their desserts, the savory selections they offer came in a satisfying portion.

The Skillet Rib Eye Steak and Eggs is a nicely charred rib-eye steak served with crispy pom-pom potato and completed with cafe de Paris butter and fresh chimichurri dressings; it did not take us long to devour the whole plate clean. Meanwhile, their Black Pappardelle Aglio Olio serves with two generous sizes of King Prawn, and honestly, this was my favorite out of all three. You can taste the rich, nutty, savory flavor with a hint of spicy kick, and the addition of prawn gives it a nice deep flavor. Their 3 Colour Mini Burger is the perfect snack if you are there for a coffee or casual tea with friends. Crispy and juicy beef patty served with caramelized onion, lettuce, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, and crispy potato chips. 

Since its first opening, Exquise Patisserie has positioned itself as a global quality brand committed to consistently producing reliable products with premium raw materials. They are determined to continuously develop and serve all connoisseurs of cakes throughout Indonesia.

They are highly well known for their signature Entremet, a cake composed of multiple components assembled into layers, encased in a mousse, enrobed with a glaze, and topped with delicate decorations. This is something I highly recommend when you visit the place.

With more than 15 different flavors of Entremet, I know you will have a hard time picking them because they all look so pretty! But Exquise Patisserie is always known for creating unique flavors with local tastes and ingredients, such as Strawberry Lembang and Kecombrang and Apple Malang Kalamansi. They also have a unique take on Jasuke!

All these delicate desserts can easily cater to everyone’s taste palette; whether you prefer something a bit sweeter or even tangy, they have it all. But the cherry on top of my visit is their Croissant Creme Brulee. It is crispy and flaky on the outside, yet oh so creamy on the inside. It’s the perfect companion for tea or coffee.

The area of Gunawarman has always been the perfect place for a casual stroll around, especially on the weekends. With their new approach to brunch, the opening of Exquise Bistro & Patisserie in Gunawarman gives new excitement in the area.

The Joy of Festive at Exquise Patisserie

French artisan bakery and cafe Exquise Patisserie invites guests to celebrate the little pleasures in life, especially for this holiday season. With eight options of Christmas Hampers, you will find everything you need, whether it’s a gift for your friends, family, or co-workers. Their hampers will include Exquise’s famous biscotti, cookies, and many more.

Exquise Bistro & Patisserie - Gunawarman

Jl. Gunawarman No.18, Selong, Kec. Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12110

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