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BORA Soda Offers Exciting Local Flavors

BORA Soda Offers Exciting Local Flavors

Auli Cinantya
15 June 2023


Local Soda brand, BORA Soda, offers an aromatic soda with authentic Indonesian flavors and ingredients.


BORA Soda, a new local soda brand, officially entered the Indonesian beverage industry in April 2023, bringing a burst of exciting flavors to soda enthusiasts across the nation. With a strong emphasis on preserving the essence of Indonesian taste, BORA Soda offers a captivating line of aromatic sodas infused with authentic Indonesian flavors and ingredients.

At the heart of BORA Soda’s appeal lies its unique and refreshing flavor profiles that showcase the diverse culinary heritage of Indonesia. Each soda is carefully crafted to deliver a delightful experience that tantalizes the taste buds and leaves a lasting impression.

One of the standout offerings from BORA Soda is the Timun Sari flavor. This refreshing soda captures the essence of a traditional Indonesian favorite – the crisp and cooling cucumber. With every sip, Timun Sari envelops the palate in a revitalizing sensation, making it the perfect companion for hot summer days or as a revitalizing pick-me-up any time of the year.

Another intriguing flavor in BORA Soda’s lineup is Lemon Kemangi. This citrusy delight combines the zesty tang of lemon with the aromatic essence of kemangi, a popular herb in Indonesian cuisine. The result is a harmonious blend of vibrant citrus notes and herbaceous undertones, creating a soda experience that is both refreshing and unique.

For those seeking an adventure in flavors, BORA Soda offers the captivating Wedang Ale. This distinctive soda showcases a fusion of Indonesian herbal spices with a subtle ale-like fizz, creating a truly memorable taste. With each sip, the Wedang Ale delivers a medley of flavors that invigorate the senses and transport you to the heart of Indonesian culinary traditions.

Last but not least, BORA Soda presents the Krangean Tonic Water, a delightful twist on the classic tonic water. Infused with the distinctive taste of local krangean fruit, this soda offers a refreshing and slightly tangy experience. The Krangean Tonic Water is a testament to BORA Soda’s commitment to utilizing authentic Indonesian ingredients, allowing soda enthusiasts to embark on a flavorful journey unlike any other.

With its enticing lineup of flavors, BORA Soda aims to captivate taste buds and introduce consumers to the vibrant and diverse world of Indonesian beverages. By skillfully blending traditional Indonesian ingredients with a modern twist, BORA Soda redefines the soda experience, offering a refreshing alternative that celebrates the rich flavors of Indonesia.

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