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Best Eats: FoodieS Matcha Guide

Best Eats: FoodieS Matcha Guide

Auli Cinantya
15 September 2022


From ice cream, yogurt, and lattes, baked into desserts, infused into chocolate bars, Matcha offers a whole variety of sumptuous sweets.


Japanese food culture is abundant in Jakarta. You can easily find authentic Japanese cuisine, like Ramen, Sushi, or simple street food like Okonomiyaki. Aside from their selection of sumptuous meals, another Japanese food trend that people immensely love is Matcha.

Matcha has become extremely popular outside of Japan because of its high antioxidant content and broad range of potential health advantages. It is now added to ice cream, yogurt, and lattes, baked into desserts, infused into chocolate bars, and more.

FoodieS Matcha Guide

% Arabica

% Arabica is a brand recognized globally thanks to its distinctive % logo (reminiscent of coffee cherries on the branch of a coffee plant), inimitable store aesthetic and, most importantly, the brand’s high-quality specialty coffee menu, all brewed using state-of-the-art equipment.

Made from high-quality ingredients, using premium grade Uji matcha powder sent directly from Uji, Kyoto, you can find the special soft cream at % Arabica Central Park,  % Arabica Plaza Indonesia and % Arabica Kuta Beachwalk

Feel Matcha

Using first-grade high-quality ceremony matcha, Feel Matcha offers a modern take on matcha drinks. Few of them, such as Matcha Biscuit Lotus, Hot Matcha Latte, and Aren Latte. Feel Matcha also offers a few desserts selection such as Croffle with matcha sauce, Matcha Croissants, Mille Crepe Matcha, Panna Cotta Matcha, and Choux Cream Matcha.

Gooma Tea Bar

Gooma Tea Bar fist open in Bandung in 2018. The tea bar specialized in Matcha drinks. What distinguishes them from the others is that they offer clients healthier options. You can select premium creamy or skim milk, change the sweetness level for your drinks, and, like boba, add toppings such as chia pudding, grass jelly, or even aloe vera. Their signature drink is the Uji Matcha, a rich green tea latte with double shots of Matcha.

Matcha Bae

Located in Kelapa Gading, Matcha Bae Cafe offers various drinks and desserts with Matcha ingredients.
Using authentic and high-quality Matcha from Japan, Matcha Bae also offers various types of dessert using Matcha. A few sweets you can choose such as Matcha Cookies, Matcha Strawberry Cake, Matcha Injeolmi Cake, and many more.

Tsujiri Tea House

TSUJIRI is a dessert tea house that specializes in all things Matcha. This international brand was first established in 1860 by Riemon Tsuji. They offer a wide range of Matcha drinks such as Umenoshiro O-Matcha, O-Matcha Americano, Yuzu Citron O-Matcha, and other Japanese teas like Sencha (Green Tea), Houjicha (Roasted Tea), and more. Aside from the usual drinks and desserts, you can find Matcha Warabimochi, a specialized dessert made by Tsujiri Tea House.

Uji Matcha

This authentic Japanese matcha dessert and tea house is named after the city where its Matcha comes from, Uji City. Specializing in pastry dishes and Japanese Matcha or tea drinks, Uji Matcha Cafe offers various Matcha delicacies, from cakes, drinks, and ice cream.

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