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A Look Into Acta Brasserie

A Look Into Acta Brasserie

Nisya Kunto
25 June 2021


We caught a glimpse inside the latest brainchild of Biko Group and Bali-Japanese Chef Rui Yamagishi.


At the serene grounds of Senayan National Golf, Acta Brasserie stands in an enclosed area surrounded by the lush landscape of golf-course. The all-day eatery offers a refreshing hideout away from the hustle and bustle of Jakarta. The brainchild of Biko Group focuses on providing a fresh and charming atmosphere, paired with the offerings of a contemporary menu and a collection of more than 200 carefully-curated wines.

At the helm of Acta Brasserie is Executive Chef Rui Yamagishi. Rui started his culinary career when he was 18 years old, after graduating from high school and while waiting for the university intake, “I was enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu, Sydney, and I decided to fill in my free time by working at a Japanese restaurant in Bali, owned by a friend of my mother. I stayed there for three months where I worked as a kitchen hand”. From then on, his interest and love in cooking grew and deepened as he prepared his way for more in-depth hands-on learning processes in university.

The Japanese-Bali born chef has paved his way through renowned establishments in Australia, such as the Bentley Restaurant and Bar, Blancharu, the hatted Rockpool Bar & Grill, and Eleven Bridge. In 2017, Chef Rui concluded his seven-year service streak in Australia, and came home to Bali to open Musubi with Kaminari Group. Around the same time, Biko Group opened Fujin. With talks of two towns taking part between Jakarta and Bali, Biko came up with the idea of Acta Brasserie with Rui as the lead. “The initial concept was to create a venue that caters to casual dining with wine pairing. We wanted to have a selection of dishes that were widely accepted by people, with no inclination to a certain cuisine”. Though Acta Brasserie keeps it simple, the dishes visibly feature the flair of Rui through its overall brushstroke of a modern and progessive menu.

One of the favorites is the Ikura Salmon Taco, “This is a dish of Japanese-Mexican influence, we have crispy nori tempura, sushi rice, spicy mayo, avocado and pickled cucumber”, explained Chef Rui. The crunch on the first bite met with the soft salmon servings is certainly an appetizing entrance to our meal. “Most of my food is inspired by the different cultures that I encounter during travel, and also personal experiences throughout my years of experiments in the kitchen. Whenever I discover a new ingredient, I would try to adapt and mix and match the flavors and textures into my own style of cooking. From there, I scout the market and look for ways to introduce the dish to my guests. Slight adjustments are then made to better fit them without sacrificing the essence of the dish”, he continued.

Another dish Rui shared was his Prawn Dumplings, “My mother and her family enjoy cooking, and one of my favorite snacks to make with her is gyoza. It’s always a fun activity for the kids”. Acta’s version of the prawn dumpling is served with chili oil and a disk of caramelised sesame seeds on top. Sweet, sour, and spicy all at once, the Prawn Dumpling leads us deeper into the comforting dishes at Acta. “I think the time I spent with my mom in the kitchen as a child is how I found the gateway to my passion. Being a chef is a fascinating job, as it is a very dynamic field to be in”, he reminisced as we headed on to the heavier dishes.

Chef Rui introduced us to their Baby Lobster Spaghetti prepared with lobster stock, red chilli, and parmesan cheese, as well as the Nasi Goreng with Bone Marrow addition on top. The richness and umami taste of the bone marrow complements the streaking aroma of the nasi goreng. For the protein dish, Chef Rui served Acta’s signature wagyu dish straight from the wood-fire grill. The diversity in the menu is something Rui resonates to personally, “Acta Brasserie’s concept is actually very in-line with my personal cooking style. We highlight diversity in our menu, ranging from western to Asian cuisines. It offers a lot of flavors close to home, and dishes that people can enjoy.” He believes that incorporating different tastes, textures, and techniques into the dish is what makes it come alive. As a refreshing finish to our meal, we indulged in the refreshing Yuzu Honey Kakigori — the towering shaved iced dish features Yuzu cream, honey glaze, lime zest, citrus syrup, and crunchy honeycomb as an added texture.

Concluding our afternoon at Acta Brasserie, Chef Rui shared some parting words, “At Acta, we do hope that our guests are able to feel comfortable to enjoy the good food and our extensive wine list. It’s a perfect place to slow down from the hustle and bustle of the city”.


Acta Brasserie

Pintu IX The MAJ, Jl. Asia Afrika, RT.1/RW.3, Senayan, Tanahabang, Central Jakarta City, Jakarta 10270


Monday – Sunday
07:00 – 22:00


Phone : (021) 50851869
Website :
Instagram : @acta_brasserie






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