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A Dedication of Passion

A Dedication of Passion

FoodieS Team
30 November 2023


Executive Chef Tony Eka Saputra of Padma Resort Ubud, Chef Sandro Medrano from TENKAI Japanese Nikkei Restaurant at Padma Resort Legian, and Padma Semarang's Pastry Chef Dedy Sutan embody a dedication to their craft


The culinary stars of Padma Hotels are Executive Chef Tony Eka Saputra of Padma Resort Ubud, Chef Sandro Medrano from TENKAI Japanese Nikkei Restaurant at Padma Resort Legian, and Padma Semarang’s Pastry Chef Dedy Sutan. Each of these chefs are dedicated to their craft and have a wealth of expertise in their respective fields.

Their passion and dedication can be seen in their meticulous creations, which have transformed dining at Padma Hotels into a culinary odyssey. With their culinary skills and innovative ideas, Padma Hotels’ guests are treated to an unforgettable gastronomic experience, highlighting the best of each chef’s culinary journey yet.

A Journey Through Nikkei with Chef Sandro Medrano

At the heart of the iconic Padma Resort Legian lies TENKAI Japanese Nikkei Restaurant, an inviting spot to discover Peruvian-Japanese fare. With Chef Sandro as the narrator of such a colorful story on every plate. At TENKAI, he invites guests to experience Peru, and the story of the Japanese diaspora in Latin America, resulting in the perfect blend that is the now-popular Nikkei cuisine.

With his specialty and interest in Nikkei cuisine, Chef Sandro is fond of creating flavors using Japanese broth such as ichiban dashi or kombu dashi. He combines ancestral products like cassava, chilis, and corn with punchy herbs and sour fruits. Truly finding the balance of Peruvian food, Japanese flavors and techniques all blending perfectly on each plate.

Chef Tony Eka Saputra Pays Homage to the Freshest Food Sources

Chef Tony has come a long way from his humble beginning in the small coastal town of Cilacap. Now, he is leading a team, overseeing the culinary direction of three venues at Padma Resort Ubud: Payangan for an all-day lounge, The Pool Café and Bar for the Mediterranean vibe, and The Puhu Restaurant serving food from Indonesia, Asia and the West.

“Since I was a child, I’ve already knew through the family business that with the freshest ingredients, we can serve the best possible dishes for our customers. It is absolutely true! My grandfather started our Chinese and Seafood restaurant, and now my father is running the business. We are on the coast so normally we have fish, prawn, lobsters available, always the freshest.”

This is a philosophy he learned in childhood that has anchored his career, noting that fresh ingredients are absolutely essential to his style of cooking.

Chef Dedy Sutan Makes The Sweetest Memories at Padma Hotel Semarang

Chef Dedy Sutan, a culinary maestro in the realm of pastries and sweets, boasts a remarkable career adorned with numerous awards. Now, he proudly holds the esteemed position of Executive Pastry Chef at Padma Hotel Semarang.

With over 15 years of culinary expertise dedicated to crafting delectable desserts, Chef Dedy Sutan is an illustrious figure in Indonesia’s culinary landscape. His culinary journey has taken him from Dubai to Bali and Jakarta, establishing his reputation as one of Indonesia’s premier pastry chefs.

This accomplished pastry artist has garnered international acclaim, marked by an impressive record of awards, including participation in the inaugural Indonesian team at the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie in 2017. His approach to the art of pastry is marked by constant innovation and collaboration with his team, with a keen focus on staying ahead of culinary trends.

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