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A Day Roaming the Flavorscape at Alam Sutera

A Day Roaming the Flavorscape at Alam Sutera

Monika Febriana
15 June 2023


Join use for a food-filled adventure in Alam Sutera! From an energizing morning coffee, to a heartwarming curry noodle dinner.


Alam Sutera, fondly known as AlSut, has undoubtedly become a familiar name to many. Situated not far from Jakarta, precisely in Tangerang, Banten, this esteemed neighborhood has earned a well-deserved reputation as a haven for those seeking a vibrant lifestyle experience.

From the bustling Broadway to the stylish Mall @ Alam Sutera and the inviting Hey Beach, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Moreover, Alam Sutera boasts a plethora of delightful eateries that will tempt even the most discerning taste buds. It was precisely this allure that drew Foodies to embark on a culinary adventure in Alam Sutera last week.

The journey from Jakarta to Alam Sutera takes approximately 1 to 1.5 hours by car, depending on the traffic conditions. Departing in the early morning allowed us to avoid any significant congestion on the roads, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable travel experience.

Curious about our gastronomic expedition in Alam Sutera? Look no further than our comprehensive list of dining recommendations in Alsut, where we uncovered hidden culinary gems and indulged in an array of mouthwatering flavors.

Guide to Alam Sutera

A Cup of Coffee at OWNER’S CAFÉ

Starting the day with a cup of coffee is a mandatory routine for almost everyone, including us. To start our culinary agenda in AlSut, we started with a cup of coffee from the OWNER’S CAFÉ. This cafe, which is located in the Brooklyn Apartment area, caught our attention because of the design like a coffee shop in Europe with a red canopy and various cartoon character ornaments that can be seen from outside the window, without further ado, as animated films lovers, we decided to visit it.

When we entered the café, we were greeted with a cute Doraemon statue that was right on the counter. As far as the eye can see, every interior of this café is filled with colorful paintings and toys. There are several tables in this café, but for those customers who don’t get a place inside, there is also an outdoor area of the café that customers can enjoy while looking at the apartment complex.

The menu at OWNER’S CAFÉ is quite diverse and unique, one of the interesting menus is the Klepon Latte, a cup of brown latte topped with coconut sprinkled. This drink combines the milky taste of latte with the distinctive sweet taste of traditional Klepon cakes. We also ordered Banana Srikaya Cheese as a snack to accompany our drink.

Dim Sum Snack at Come-Xia

Not far from the cafe, we found a dim sum restaurant, Come-Xia is contemporary Chinese cuisine with a touch of a Japanese classic. The fusion is reflected in their selection of delicacies such as Siu Mai, Steamed Mantou, and various ramen. 

The chefs at this restaurant craft their dim sum from scratch, resulting in a dish that takes a little longer to prepare due to its handmade nature. We were delighted by the beautiful presentation of the dishes we ordered. Dim sum is typically served in portions of three to five pieces, making it perfect for sharing.

Kanazawa's Curry for Lunch at Go! Go! CURRY

Going to AlSut isn’t complete without a visit to one of its malls, thus our next destination is to Living World. In this mall, there is one restaurant that you must visit. Go! Go! CURRY is a restaurant that serves Kanazawa’s signature curry, which is thick with a darker and pungent color. Chicken katsu has a crispy texture with a delicious taste; besides that there are also two sausages and a boiled egg as a complement. This platter is also complete with a side of savory and crispy prawns.


In addition to providing regular portions for one person, this restaurant is famous for its large portions of curry or XXXL weighing 2.5 kilograms. For those of you who come here with family or friends, you can order this large portion of curry as we did or finish it by yourself 

Juicy and Smoky Pork Satay at Sate Babi Ko Encung Alam Sutera

From the side of the main road, we could see a cozy restaurant with a banner, Sate Babi Ko Encung Alam Sutera. From the restaurant, you can see a puff of smoke from burning pork which makes us curious to taste it.

This restaurant provides a various selection of satay menus, from pork satay, pork belly satay, and pork skin satay. They also provide Bakut, Bacang, Kerupuk Kulit, and more. The first satay that we ate is Sate Daging Manis (Sweet meat-flavored satay), satay itself has a sweet taste that penetrates deep into the meat.

One of our favorites here is Sate Samcan (pork belly satay), different from in other places, which is sometimes tough after being grilled; the satay here has a chewy texture. Eating pork satay is even more complete with bakut, even though it has the name Bakut Sayur Asin; this soup has the right salty taste and makes the dish as a whole more enjoyable.

Sweet Escape to Sushi Tei Cafe

It’s dessert time and one of the trendy cafes in AlSut is Sushi Tei Cafe. If all this time, Sushi Tei is known as the only restaurant that provides sushi and various Japanese food, this restaurant comes with an innovation by presenting a cafe complete with a variety of desserts.

This cafe provides everything from sweet and savory desserts, croissants, éclairs, and bakeries, to various drinks such as mocktails, coffee, and more. One of the unique drinks provided is matcha tea, here, we can pour tea as if we were at a tea party.

Heartwarming Curry Noddles at Seporsi Mie Kari

To close our culinary tour today, we visited Seporsi Mie Kari. A bowl of warm curry noodles is perfect for our dinner menu. This restaurant provides noodles with an Indonesian curry which has a yellow color with a texture that is not too thick with a wide selection of toppings and extra toppings.

There are two choices of noodles that you can choose according to your taste, curly noodles, and vermicelli. At this moment, we ordered curry noodles with a choice of curly noodles. The taste of thick curry noodle soup, which is rich in spices and savory, combined with chewy curly noodles, is very delicious when eaten. There are pieces of chicken meat that are well cooked so that the meat is soft when bitten.

As we concluded our culinary trip to AlSut, we were treated to a memorable experience. Having the opportunity to enjoy a variety of delicious food in an interesting restaurant concept is our mood booster for the week ahead. The day ended with a full belly and a feeling of happiness.

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