AQUA Reflections Presents 2019 Limited Edition Bottle Designed By Rinaldy Yunardi

To celebrate the festive season, AQUA Reflections is launching its new 2019 Limited Edition bottles designed by Indonesian couture accessories designer, Rinaldy Yunardi. The bottles are ready to be ordered by restaurant and hotel partners, and will be available through-out Indonesia for a limited period during this Festive Season. Presented in two colours, the still water is adorned in red and the sparkling water in green, available in 2 sizes at 380ml and 750ml.

Reflections represents a labor of love and craftsmanship. The water is carefully selected from a single
source in Mount Salak, West Java. The water is naturally filtered through layers of volcanic rocks. Fusing
with natural minerals along its journey, each drop reflects the wonders of its sacred home. It is here in the
lush green foothill Reflections preserve the purity of this naturally mineralized water. Reflections is a brand that not only prides itself on presenting Indonesia with the finest water, but also on creating partnerships that heighten its consumer experience. Reflections has collaborated to celebrate Indonesian inspirational figures in fashion, lifestyle, and culinary.

This year, Reflections identified Rinaldy Yunardi who is known for his intricate masterpieces. Rinaldy started his career in 1996 designing wedding tiaras and soon expanded to jewellery, millinery and art lighting. Rinaldy was appointed as a member of the Asian Couture Federation as the only Accessories Designer in 2015 and has since cemented his brand in the international fashion scene with a list of clients that range from Indonesian celebrities to Hollywood A-listers.

Inspired by the origin story of Reflections’ single sourced water from Mount Salak, Reflections Limited Edition 2019 represents the goodness of nature crowned by the design of Rinaldy, where the crown symbolizes his origin in craftsmanship. This collaboration blends Reflections’ finest story and Rinaldy’s art-nouveau design approach, bringing to life what the brand stands for – presenting all of nature’s best gifts wrapped in a beautiful glass bottle design that reflects healthy lifestyle within the dynamics of a modern world.

“Water is the source of life, it holds a great significant meaning in human life. The tiara represents me and
my art, since I started out designing tiaras. I envision Reflections as a reflection of myself and I want these
two elements – the finest mineral water that is imperative to human life and the tiara is an important part of my life – marry together. This is my finest artwork, my best pursuits and how I elevate, giving this
collaboration a deeper meaning,” Rinaldy said.

An exhibition depicting the idea of excellence and the purity of Reflections as well as the collaboration with
Rinaldy will also be held for a weeks starting from the 14th of December 2019 at Plaza Indonesia. Working
together with designer Felix Tjahyadi, the exhibit will showcase the story of Reflections, from its origin to its expertise of Select- Protect- Preserve – and Present. Taking water as the essence of the concept and
combining Rinaldy’s design elements together in a festive ambience, a visual splendor of Finest Reflections
will be created through a narrative and interactive space.

“During this joyous moment towards the yearend and together with Indonesia’s maestro of jewelry art, we are delighted to present the finest goodness of nature crowned with the exclusive design by Rinaldy Yunardi to further enliven your dinner tables this Festive Season. Moreover, Reflections will also auction a few of Rinaldy’s creations that is inspired by this collaboration together with Reflections Limited Edition 2019 being sold to guests on the 14th December, during our launch event. All proceeds from the auction and sales of the Reflections Limited Edition 2019 will be given for the provision of clean water and sanitation purposes surrounding our source through our partner Yayasan Aspirasi Muslimah Indonesia,” said Flora Tobing, Senior Brand Manager of AQUA.



Written by FoodieS December 5, 2019.